Human Resources Service Center

Job-Related/Career Advancement Option

Employees may take courses specifically to improve their job performance or for the attainment or enhancement of skills for the purpose of career advancement within the CSU system. These employees are not matriculated students and are not registered through Open University. However, classes are taken for credit and will be posted on the student's official transcript. To be eligible for the Career Advancement Option, employees first need to meet with the HR Fee Waiver Coordinator to develop a Career Development Plan. Depending on operational needs and the CBA, the supervisor may approve one (1) class to be taken on State time.

First-time Taking Job-Related Coursework

Continuing Job-Related Coursework/Career Advancement

  • Each term, submit an application to be accepted as a transitory student by the University:
    • If you do not have a degree, complete a Career Advancement/Job-related Undergraduate Application Form - HR will send original to Undergraduate Admissions.
    • If you have a degree, complete a Career Advancement/Job-Related Graduate Application Form; HR will send original to Grad Studies. (This applies if you have a degree, but will be taking undergraduate courses. Job-Related Program Employees do not have to meet Graduate Admissions requirements and do not need to submit transcripts or proof of a bachelor's degree.)
    • Each term, submit a Fee Waiver Application for Employees Form to Human Resources (zip 0010).
      • This form has sections to be completed by the employee and the employee's supervisor.
      • Human Resources will send a copy to Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Studies.
    • Receive a letter or email (from Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Studies) confirming you have been accepted as a student under the Job-Related benefit program.
    • This is your invitation to enroll in courses.
  • Pre-pay estimated fees at Student Financial Services Center (SSC), room 230. Tell them you are pre-paying estimated fees for the employee fee Waiver program so they can code the payment properly.
    • Review information about registering for classes, fee payment deadlines and when to register for classes.

Employees Changing, Adding or Deleting Courses