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Fee Waiver Program

Take Courses at any CSU for Reduced Rates

The CSU, Chico Employee Fee Waiver Program allows eligible staff employees to attend California State University (CSU) courses at reduced rates. The program is designed to assist employees in improving current job skills or in preparing for a new career.

Courses are taken for credit, and must be state-funded (so the program does not apply to Open University, Special Session, January Intersession, or most Summer courses).

Important: Two Major Changes to the Fee Waiver Program, Effective 1/1/2019

We are Here to Help!

We've done our best to describe what the fee waiver program is and how it works. That said, getting signed up can be a confusing process so please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help!

Fee Waiver Deadlines

Important: Please pre-pay estimated reduced fees before the fee payment deadline.

  • Winter* = 1st Friday in November
  • Spring = 1st Friday in November
  • Summer* = 1st Friday in May
  • Fall = 1st Friday in May

*Most courses are not covered by the fee waiver during Winter and Summer sessions.