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Employee Fee Waiver Program

Take Courses at any CSU for Reduced Rates

The CSU, Chico Employee Fee Waiver Program allows eligible staff employees to attend California State University (CSU) courses at reduced rates. The program is designed to assist employees in improving current job skills or in preparing for a new career.

Courses are taken for credit, and must be state-funded (so the program does not apply to Open University, Special Session, January Intercession, or most Summer courses).

When to apply: The CSU, Chico Employee Fee Waiver application filing period for Fall (& Summer) 2021 terms is March 1 to May 1 2021.  

Start Here

We've done our best to describe what the fee waiver program is and how it works. That said, getting signed up can be a confusing process so please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help!

New to the program?  Review slides(opens in new window) from the 10/9/2020 overview(opens in new window) session.

Fee Waiver Deadlines

Important: Please pre-pay estimated reduced fees before the fee payment deadline.

Fee Waiver Application Deadlines(opens in new window) are the first Friday as noted below:

  • Winter* = Sept 1 - Nov 1
  • Spring = Sept 1 - Nov 1
  • Summer* = Mar 1 - May 1
  • Fall = Mar 1 - May 1

*Most or all courses during this term at CSU, Chico or other CSU campuses may not be state-funded and therefore not covered by the fee waiver program.

Important Changes: Two major changes to the Fee Waiver Program became effective in January 2019:

  1. Taxation Changes
  2. One-Time CSU Application Fee Refund Process

Temporary Virtual Process for Employee Fee Waivers

For downloading and opening PDF documents we recommend Chrome browser with Adobe Reader plug-in enabled.  Review Knowledge Base articles Enabling Adobe Reader plug-in in Chrome(opens in new window) and Opening PDFs from Box(opens in new window).

Preferred: Electronic Signature

If you can add your signature electronically, please do. If you need help adding an electronic signature on a fee waiver form, please reach out via Teams Chat(opens in new window) to our staff (and they will respond as soon as possible during business hours) or email

For employees that already have access to Adobe Sign, we will accept forms routed for signature through Adobe Sign. When routing for signature, cc: Only campus email addresses should be used when routing for signature.

Alternative: Email Routing Process

  1. You may submit fee waivers via email. Simply complete the appropriate form(s), scan (or take a picture) and email to
  2. Be sure to select your fee waiver option (in the boxes below) to review the process, deadlines, and forms needed.
  3. For employee fee waivers, the employee can forward the completed form to their lead/supervisor for approval, and then on to the appropriate administrator.
  4. Approval process: The lead and/or appropriate administrator should indicate in the responding approval email, "Approved to attend one class on State time" or "Approved - not requesting release time".
  5. The employee can forward the form, with the email string including the approvals, to for processing.
  6. Our team will PDF the document, with the emails, into one document and save to print later or forward electronically as needed.

Questions can be emailed to our fee waiver team