Department of Mathematics and Statistics

GE B4 Ready

You are ready to enroll in a General Education Area B4 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning course (GE B4 Ready)

  • Advising
    • Review Math for My Major to determine what to take within your first year.
    • If your major does not specify, choose any GE B4 course that you are eligible to enroll.
  • Enrollment Information
    • You are able to enroll in courses that require "GE Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Ready" as a prerequisite. Examples: CHEM 107, PHYS 202A, EECE 144
    • You will not see a notice in your Student Center related to GE B4 math/quantitative reasoning placement. Your Degree Progress Report and Degree Planner will show the GE B4 requirement is in progress or still needed.
    • Per Executive Order 1110, students are required to enroll in GE A2 & B4 courses within their first year (unless already completed).
  • Majors in STEM
    • You need to complete ALEKS PPL to determine readiness for calculus (or precalculus) as these programs are math-intensive.
    • The default course to start with in the STEM pathway is MATH 118 Trigonometry.
    • To enroll in a higher-level math course such as MATH 109 Survey of Calculus, MATH 119 Precalculus, MATH 120 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I, you need to complete the ALEKS PPL assessment to demonstrate readiness or have transferable/equivalent college credit.
    • High school experience in trigonometry, math analysis, precalculus, and/or calculus is beneficial for building your math foundation. However, ALEKS PPL will assess your mastery of concepts and provide ways to study and prepare for appropriate course(s) for your first semester.
  • Placement Criteria