Recreational Sports

Competitive Sport Clubs

Welcome Wildcats,

Before completing a club registration, contact the club president to discuss their club’s joining procedures. Please see our website below for their contact information.

Below is the criteria in order to be a member of a Chico State Sport Club.

Roster Eligibility - to be eligible for any roster, individual members complete a Sport Club Membership Application and must:

  1. Be an undergraduate or graduate student officially enrolled at CSU, Chico, with a minimum of 6.1 units.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative & Chico State GPA of at least 2.0.
  3.     If a transfer student, pass the Alcohol Edu online course with a 70% or better.  Print your score sheet and submit to the WREC front desk to prove completion.
  4. Must have proof of private medical insurance.
  5. Individual league or national rules may apply.  In addition to the CSU, Chico Recreational Sports membership guidelines for sport clubs, all members must meet their team, league, and respective sport governing body’s eligibility regulations.