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Chico State students competing, home and away, against other universities.

Program Description

The Collegiate Sport Clubs Program provides students the opportunity to participate in competitive sports against other intercollegiate teams and represent Chico State, as a means to enhance their collegiate experience and provide a vehicle for a well-rounded education through physical, social, and leadership development.

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Student Testimonies:

Tyler shares how participating in sport clubs helped him develop lifelong skills:

“I have gained many great skills and qualities such as being a leader, being able to work with a team, learning to adapt, and being coachable.”

Tyler Gonzalez, Men’s Lacrosse, Business Administration Major, Class of 2021

Kimberly, Alexander, and Callie explain how sport club have enhanced their experience:

Being a transfer student is hard. You don't have the friends that people made as freshman in the dorms, so you kind of come in with a disadvantage, socially. You really have to get involved to find friends other than those in your classes. Joining a sport club helped me find a solid group of girls that have turned into my Chico family.

Kimberly Canisso, Women’s Water Polo, Kinesiology Major, Class of 2020

“The waterski team is like a family, and it has been a very fun and positive experience.”

Alexander Leeds, Water Ski, Mechanical Engineering Major, Class of 2022

“This has given me another group of friends, it has helped me feel more at home at Chico State, it has given me more opportunities, and helped improve my drive in both academics and sports.”

Callie Norton, Women’s Water Polo, Agriculture Major, Class of 2021

Student Feedback:

95% of sport club members reported that participation in their club has helped them develop life skills

87% of sport club members reported their involvement with their club is important to their experience at Chico State

89% of sport club members report participating in a sport club enhanced their overall experience at Chico State.

Instructionally Related Activities

Instructionally Related Activities The IRA Program supports the out-of-classroom experiences of student competitions, performances, and athletics, as well as club, intramural, and recreational sports. For more information visit Instructional Related Activities