School of Social Work

Vincent Ornelas, PhD

Associate Professor
Butte Hall, Room 531

Dr. Vincent Ornelas brings practice, teaching, and research experience in policy and practice with large systems to the CSUC School of Social Work. After obtaining his MSW, he was the Director of Legislative Advocacy for the Exceptional Children's Foundation of Los Angeles. Additionally, he has been the program director for the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena and a consultant for their Youth Leadership Development Program. He also served as a consultant to the Grantsmanship program for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles/University Affiliated Program.

Dr. Ornelas’s MSW teaching experience includes lectureships at the University of Southern California; California State University, Los Angeles; and the University of California, Los Angeles.

Since arriving in Chico in 2004, Dr. Ornelas has been involved in several social justice activities related to his teaching and scholarship. He is president of the Chico Chapter of the California Faculty Association, an active member of the CSUC Chicano/Latino Council, vice chair of the Love Chapmantown Community Coalition, chair of the NASW Social and Economic Justice and Peace Committee, and a member of the Board of Directors of Rowell Family Empowerment of Northern California, a regional agency serving the needs of persons with disabilities. He is also working to establish linkages between the School of Social Work, other campus units, and community-based organizations that target underserved populations in the region.

Dr. Ornelas’s research interests include community organizing, cross cultural practice, bias/hate crime, disabilities, Latinos, and policy practice.

Education & Accreditation/Licensure

BA, Pitzer College, 1980
MSW, University of Southern California, 1996
PhD, University of Southern California, 2004

BASW Teacher of the Year, CSULA School of Social Work, 2002 and 2004

Dr. Vincent Ornelas