School of Social Work

Graduated IV-E Students

Employment Search Log
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Petition Process

While CalSWEC and the Chico State Title IV-E Program anticipate that you will be able to complete your program successfully and begin your career in child welfare services, challenges may arise due to personal circumstances or changes in the job market. The Petition and Appeal processes are designed to resolve these challenges. Read the Title IV-E Student Contract carefully. It provides the basic obligations the University program has to you and you have to the program. Because it is an agreement you sign, the Contract is the controlling document in any disagreement arising between you and the program.

If you choose to petition, please contact Jené Rabo at for complete instructions and petition documents.

Monetary Repayment

Part of your Title IV-E obligation is to find employment within public child welfare within one year of graduation. If you choose to not work in public child welfare, or you decide that public child welfare is not for you after working in an agency, you must enter into monetary payback. 

If you choose to enter into payback, please contact Jené Rabo at for complete instructions and payback documents.