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School of Social Work

Student Writing Resources

Writing & Academic Support
While your instructors will be a great resource to support your academic writing, many students find that they can benefit from some additional help.

University Writing Center 
The Writing Center offers free, one-on-one writing support for Chico State students. Trained, faculty-recommended tutors provide assistance at any stage of the writing process for any class. See the webpage for additional details and contact information.

BSS Student Success Center
On the 5th floor of Butte Hall, the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences offers a unique space where students can drop in to receive academic support, provide academic assistanc
e (one stop tutoring help for all students in BSS majors), test preparation, study and writing skills, professional development, supplemental instruction, financial aid and scholarship application assistance, and peer mentoring. It also serves as a central meeting space for class study and group meetings.  See the webpage for additional details and contact information.

Social Work Writing Coaches
The School of Social Work has hired two of our MSW students with strong writing skills to help any social work majors on their academic writing.  Campbell Dawson and Fiona Mulvena are students in the two year MSW program.  C
ampbell and Fiona share a love for writing, and enjoy discovering and discussing new techniques and methods to enhance their knowledge about quality academic writing. They have extensive experience with academic writing and APA standards.  Campbell and Fiona would like to emphasize that their position functions much like a coach, and while they are not editors, they are more than willing to help you identify your strengths and improve your academic writing skills.

Working with the Writing Coaches

  • Fiona & Campbell will help you on the mechanics, structure and APA formatting of your work.  For help with the content and substance of your paper, please speak with your instructor.
  • Plan to allow one week for Fiona & Campbell to provide feedback on your work, whether in person or via email.  This will require you to plan ahead on your papers and assignments.
  • Always proofread your paper prior to sending it to the writing coaches.  It will not be a good use of their time or yours if the coaches are fixing spelling and basic grammatical errors.  The feedback they provide will be much more useful to you if you have already cleaned-up your work.
  • Send an email to both Fiona & Campbell and they will parse out the work between them, unless you have worked with one of them in the past and wish to continue to work with a specific coach.  Please let them know if you are a BSW or an MSW student and if you are in the DL Program. This will help us track where we need the most support.  
  • Fiona & Campbell are also available via ZOOM.  Please email them directly to set up a date & time.