School of Social Work

DL Calendars

Below are links to the calendars for DL students. The calendars are current, reflective of this semester's DL schedule, including Zoom virtual meeting dates and times for each DL course and the mandatory on-campus DL weekend schedule as part of the curriculum requirements by the School of Social Work Distributed Learning Program.

Summer 2024

Fall 2024

Zoom is Chico State’s video conferencing solution available to all students, faculty, and staff. Participants can share their audio, video, chat, and screens to deliver course content, provide advising to students, and work collaboratively on projects/assignments from a distance. Zoom is a vital component of the Distributed Learning Program.

Students will use their Chico State username and password to sign in. The Learning Technologies page has more information about Zoom and how to join a meeting.(opens in new window)

DL On-Campus Weekend Dates

Spring 2024-Spring 2027
Summer 2024June 22-23
July 20-21
Fall 2024September 14-15
November 2-3
Spring 2025February 1-2
April 5-6
Summer 2025June 21-22
July 19-20
Fall 2025September 13-14
November 7-8
Spring 2026February 7-8
April 18-19
Summer 2026June 13-14
July 18-19
Fall 2026September 12-13
November 7-8
Spring 2027February 6-7
April 17-18
Updated 1/10/24