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Degree Completion Requirements
In addition to completing the requirements specific to each discipline, as described in the University Catalog, all students must also meet University-wide requirements. For example, there are minimum GPA requirements, course level requirements, requirements regarding the number of classes taken from CSU, Chico (versus credits transferred in from elsewhere), etc. These University requirements are described in detail in the University Catalog.
Program Time Limits
Master’s students must complete all requirements for a master's degree no later than five or seven years from the end of the semester of enrollment in the oldest course of your approved program. Consult the academic program chapter of the University Catalog for your discipline to determine the time limit applicable to your program. In special circumstances, an extension of the program time limit may be granted. See the University catalog for more information.
Continuous Enrollment Policy
Students pursuing a master's degree must enroll each spring and fall semester until the degree is awarded. Both enrollment in courses as a regular student and adjunct enrollment satisfy this continuous enrollment requirement. Adjunct enrollment consists of registration in GRST 899 through the Center for Professional and Continuing Education, for which an administrative fee is charged. Registration in GRST 899 must be completed by the end of the fourth week of classes each semester.
Academic Probation and Disqualification
The academic standing procedures for master's degree students require maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA in various categories. Failure to meet the GPA requirements results in academic probation, during which students can take up to 9 units and seek advising. Outcomes of probation include a return to clear standing, continued probation, or academic disqualification. Postbaccalaureate students need a minimum 2.0 GPA and face academic probation and possible disqualification. Reinstatement and readmission processes are available for students aiming to improve their GPAs. The appeal process requires a formal letter and reinstatement petition. Ultimately, reinstatement does not guarantee readmission to the intended academic program.
Catalog Rights
As a master’s degree student, you are governed by the requirements that are in effect at the time of your admission to conditionally classified status for that degree. If you are making normal progress towards the degree and do not interrupt your program, you may elect to meet the degree requirements in effect either at the time of your admission to conditionally classified status or in the term that you complete all requirements for the degree. Note: substitutions for discontinued courses may be authorized or required by the academic department offering the degree. If you interrupt a program, you may be subject to the requirements in effect at the time of readmission.