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Performance Management

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The performance management system is an ongoing and interconnected process designed to:

  • Link individual contributions to organizational direction
  • Provide a vehicle for ongoing feedback and dialogue
  • Ensure standards and expectations are communicated
  • Acknowledge employee contributions and efforts

Position Description Connection

The position description and previous evaluation goals are the basis of the performance evaluation. The position description sets the expectations for duties and responsibilities, prioritizes tasks, and should be reviewed annually. (HRSC no longer needs a position description to be attached to the performance evaluation form. However, division requirements may vary.)

The evaluator should review the employee’s position description prior to completing the performance evaluation. This is a best practice and complies with language in the collective bargaining agreements. For assistance obtaining a current position description and/or revising an existing position description, please contact Classification and Compensation(opens in new window) (email

Note: Please send any updated employee position descriptions directly to Classification and Compensation for review.

Tips and Resources

  • The CSU Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) require that employees receive performance evaluations at different intervals during probation and then annually.
  • The CBA defines the processes for performance evaluations, including period for draft reviews.
  • Since Spring 2020, each division's HR Partner is able to run Performance Evaluation Snapshot Reports. This list allows executive level management to provide accountability within the division for the completion of evaluations. 
  • Learn more about the Performance Evaluation Data Transition and Reporting project.

Virtual Process for Performance Evaluations

Managers should plan on completing evaluations (and on being evaluated) under normal timelines. Keep in mind that the present circumstances may not represent the full range of an employee’s annual work performance.

For downloading and opening PDF documents we recommend Chrome browser with Adobe Reader plug-in enabled.  Review Knowledge Base articles Enabling Adobe Reader plug-in in Chrome(opens in new window) and Opening PDFs from Box(opens in new window).

Electronic Routing and Signature

  1. Download, complete and save the evaluation.
  2. Provide a draft to your appropriate administrator for review prior to presenting to the employee.
  3. Once the draft review is complete, set up a Zoom meeting with the employee. If Zoom is not an available option, set up a phone meeting.
  4. The manager emails the completed performance evaluation to the employee.
  5. Meet with the employee via Zoom (or phone) and talk through the evaluation.
  6. Route the evaluation for electronic signature.

If you can add your signature electronically, please do. If you need help adding an electronic signature on a performance evaluation form, please reach out via Teams chat(opens in new window) to our staff (and they will respond as soon as possible during business hours) or email We can even route the document for signatures on your behalf, if needed.

For employees that already have access to Adobe Sign, we will accept forms routed for signature through Adobe Sign. (Note, you may need to "print" the file to "Microsoft PDF" to create a flat file for routing.) When routing for signature, cc: Only campus email addresses should be used when routing for signature.

Questions about this process can be forwarded to Professional Development or Beverly Gentry. A report of your department's performance evaluation schedule can be run by your division HR Partner or by Professional Development upon request.

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