Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

The Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department prepares students to be professionals and entrepreneurs in media and design. Our instruction focuses on the synergy of art, craft and technology.

Labs and Equipment

Spring 2019 Lab Hours

THMA 224 Web Design Lab
THMA 226 Graphic Design Lab
THMA 346 Video Editing Lab

Equipment Check-Out
Check-In: 2-4 pm
Check-Out 4-6 pm


Coming in Spring!

Check out these great new courses for Spring 2019:

  • MADT 101 Introduction to Communication taught by Professor John Roussell
  • MADT 102 Principle of Communication Design (meets GE Area E requirement) taught by Lori Hubbard-Welsh
  • MADT 218 Social Media Storytelling (meets GE Area C1 requirement) taught by Professor Rebecca Ormond
  • MADT 350 Quality Television taught by Professor Joshua Moss
  • MADT 353 World Cinema taught by Quinn Winchell

    Speak to an advisor to see if any of these classes are right for you!

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