Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

The Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department prepares students to be professionals and entrepreneurs in media and design. Our instruction focuses on the synergy of art, craft and technology.

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A collaboration between MADT, JOUR and CAGD where students create commercial-quality media for local Chico companies. Want to learn more?
Labs and Equipment

Fall 2019 Lab Hours

THMA 224 Web Design Lab (PDF)
THMA 226 Graphic Design Lab (PDF)
THMA 346 Video Editing Lab (PDF)

Equipment Check-Out
THMA 340

M & W Check-In: 1-3 pm
M & W Check-Out: 3-5 pm
F Check-In: 9-11 am
F Check-Out: 11 am-1 pm


MADT Professionals Series Continues!

Russ Woody

We are pleased to welcome Chico State Alum Russ Woody to Selvester's Cafe Wednesday, October 16 from 4 to 6 pm. Russ has just released his latest book "Tuesdays with Ted" that tells the bittersweet story of his father's last year with ALS and his surprising friendship with actor Ted Danson. Please click here to view the flier. (PDF)

And . . . '80s fans rejoice! We will be hosting Jamison Newlander, otherwise known as Alan Frog of the vampire-slaying duo the Frog Brothers from the 1987 cult classic "The Lost Boys"! Jamison will regale us with entertainment industry stories Wednesday, November 20 from 4-6 pm in Colusa 100A.

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