Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

MADT 437 Graphic Design

Professor Nanhee Kim Spring 2019

MADT437 Advanced Graphic Design is a further investigation of effective visual communication with an emphasis on problem solving and conceptual development. Topics include branding, service design, interaction design, and 3Dimensional design. This class is a hands-on studio/lab course coupled with discussion/critique.

Michael Catelli
Crazy Noodle vehicle signage
Jamie Ikeda
Natural Noodle signage
Hailey McMullen
Noodle Avenue UX
Hailey McMullen
Noodle Avenue package design
Hailey McMullen
Noodle Avenue brand identity
John Schlothauer
Amy XoXo UX design
John Schlothauer
Amy XoXo brand identity
Nikolas Verbin
Crazy Noodle UX
Kym Wheeler
Crazy Noodle brand identity