College of Natural Sciences

2020-2021: Patricia Edelmann

Dr. Tricia Edelmann came to CSU, Chico in 1976 after receiving her A.B. and Ph.D. from UC Davis and pursuing a post-doc at the University of Washington, as part of the microbiology group here. Since that time, she has taught numerous courses and mentored many students. Her success in these fields was recognized by being named the 1993 recipient of the University Outstanding Teacher Award and a 1995-97 CELT Master Teacher award.

Tricia has truly led a life of service to CSU, Chico and the community. She has served multiple times on the Faculty Senate, chaired the University Risk Management Advisory Board, served on executive selection and review committees, chaired FRAS, and of course multiple departmental committees.

She has organized summer workshops for teachers and mentored graduate students. Most fortunately for her department, Tricia served as chair from 2001 to 2007 and was universally regarded as doing a superlative job. During her time as chair, six new faculty came on board and the undergraduate curriculum was revised, just to name two major accomplishments.