Staff Council

Joy of Giving FAQ's and Helpful Tips


How many children should I request?

Plan to spend $150-200 per child. Individuals may request 1-2 children while groups or departments may request 3+ children, depending on how much money you think you will be able to raise.

What kinds of items should I purchase?

We suggest that you purchase warm clothing and shoes along with fun gifts as well. Keep the donations equitable between children in the same family.

What safety measures are being taken regarding COVID-19?

We are working with campus Emergency Operations Center to ensure we are following proper safety protocol related to COVID-19. We will be practicing social distancing during gift drop off at the University Farm. When you drop off gifts you will be asked to remain in your car while we unload for you. Staff will be wearing masks and gloves and sanitizing regularly.


Helpful Tips

  • If you are coordinating with a department or group, assign one person to be the main point of contact. This person will communicate with Staff Council and help to coordinate money collecting, gift buying, wrapping, and delivery to the University Farm.
  • If you are coordinating with a department or group, assign one person’s address for all online shopping deliveries. This way you reduce the need for in-person exchanges later.
  • We recommend on-line shopping to reduce time spent out in the community. Start on-line shopping as early as possible. Many factors are contributing to longer delivery times so start as soon as you can.