Staff Council

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The purpose of the Staff Council at California State University, Chico, is to support staff by seeking out and responding to ideas and suggestions, and representing staff to the University administration, while keeping staff informed of University initiatives. In order to best serve our students, Staff Council works to promote open communication, create a cohesive campus community, and have a positive impact on staff culture and morale. Furthermore, Staff Council serves the local community through service projects that are run with the participation of campus staff, students, faculty, administration, and community members.

Our Vision

Staff Council, in serving our diverse community, seeks:

Set up, maintain and continually improve the systems of communication between all staff-related campus constituents and groups to promote a sense of community.

Foster a cohesive staff voice through transparency, communication, representation, advocacy, and shared purpose and culture.

Advocate on behalf of staff members to create healthy, supportive work environments.

Build a strong campus community that shows the University is more effective when staff are invested and involved in affecting change.

Foster a supportive campus culture that guides positive change and acts as the impetus to affect those changes.

Engage staff members in open discussions and participate with shared governance across campus.

Encourage a sense of ownership, responsibility, and stewardship among staff to best serve our campus community.

Be active and visible through events that serve the community both on and off campus.