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Koffee and Kudos

What Is Koffee And Kudos?

Koffee and Kudo’s originated from a Staff Council ad hoc committee in the Spring of 2009*.  It is intended as an all staff mix-n-mingle, to boost morale.  Each gathering is sponsored and hosted by a different area within the University.  As this gathering is intended as a mix-n-mingle during staff breaks, please refrain from any presentations and/or speeches that limit staff interaction or ability to leave when necessary.

*Koffee and Kudos is a Staff Council supported event, although Staff Council does not sponsor the events.

2012 Halloween Masquerade Ball Koffee and Kudos; Co-hosted by President Zingg and Provost Wei!

Our Mission

  • Have a gathering hosted by various departments for about 1 ½ hours to allow ALL STAFF to pop in on their break
  • Show thanks for what staff members do for our campus community
  • Get staff out of the office to meet new people and make connections
  • Get a free cup of coffee/tea

Who is in Charge of the Koffee & Kudos Schedule?

What to do for Planning

  • Talk with Jessie Raeder for questions and/or answers regarding the event
  • Talk with department and set a date and notify Staff Council/Jessie so it can be placed on the calendar
  • Decide on a place/time
  • Decide what will be served
  • Decide if you are going to give out prizes
  • Send invite to Jessie and she will email out to “All Staff” 
  • Advertise on the Campus Calendar and announcements

Menu Ideas

Plan on having approximately 150-200 people show throughout the hour and a half.

COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE (history shows you should have approximately 15 gallons (240 cups) of brewed coffee ready and waiting.  It goes fast!

  • Decaffeinated Coffee (approximately 10 gallons)
  • Tea (approximately 10 gallons hot water)
  • Goodies (approximately 17 dozen pieces for 200 people)
    (Ideas:  donuts, muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls, Danish breads, cookies, fruit, cheese, muffins)


You will need to figure if you want to do everything yourself or have it all catered. This can be very simple or as elaborate as you would like. Sponsors have spent $100 (doing everything themselves such as making the coffee and picking up donuts) to spending $900+ for ordering all the drinks and goodies and having it catered. It is totally up to the sponsor to set a budget.


So that we may better prepare future sponsors, any feedback you can share with us would be greatly appreciated.

  • Approximately how many attended your event?
  • How much coffee/tea did you order?
  • How much food did you order?
  • How much staff time was needed to organize gathering?
  • How much did you spend on your gathering?
  • Anything else you would like to share with us about your gathering?
  • Send us any pictures that you have taken so we can post them on the website.

Koffee and Kudos pic