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Agribusiness Institute

The Agribusiness Institute is a component of the College of Agriculture at California State University, Chico.


The institute provides agricultural business expertise in the areas of education, marketing, human resource development, management, and finance. Within this mission, there is focus on enhancing learning experiences, involving faculty in professional development activities, and serving the needs of agribusinesses in California and other Western States.


  • Providing management and economic information that will assist managers in agribusiness
  • Develop educational programs for North State and regional interests
  • Advising on financial management, market analysis, value-added agriculture, and e-commerce for agribusiness firms
  • Through applied research, develop economic, management, and marketing information
  • Support professional relationships between the College of Agriculture faculty and the agricultural community in order to improve opportunities for undergraduate students developing careers in agriculture
  • Working with other groups at California State University, Chico, and other institutions to accomplish projects within the scope of the Institute

The Contribution of Agriculture to Northeastern California's Economy

The objective of this annual report is to document the significance of agricultural production, processing, and its related industries to the overall economy of Northeastern California.

2020 Annual Report (PDF) (Published July 2022)

*Annual reports for previous years are available upon request.

North State Agriculture Bulletin

The North State Agriculture Bulletin is a new publication of the Agricultural Business Institute. The Bulletin is a timely, non-technical report that highlights a current agricultural research project at CSU, Chico. It is written for a broad audience that is interested in Northern California Agriculture.  

Issue 7, Spring 2024: Sonoma County Livestock (PDF)

Issue 6, Spring 2023: Fresh Fava Bean Markets in California: Evidence from Farmers Markets (PDF)

Issue 5, Winter 2022/23: The Economic Contribution of Agriculture in Northeastern California (PDF)

Issue 4, Fall 2021: Estimating the Economic Impacts of Potential Spending on Enforcement and Reclamation of Illegal Cannabis Grows (PDF)

Issue 3, Spring 2020: Turning Crisis into Opportunity: Organic Conversion during Droughts (PDF)

Issue 2, Spring 2019: China: A Potential Export Market for California Rice (PDF)

Issue 1, Spring 2018: Tri-county Local Food Capacity and Barriers to Growth (PDF)

Local Food Systems

Through its Local Food Systems program, the ABI is proud to partner with Buy Fresh Buy Local, North Valley to help promote local agricultural businesses. One of the products of this partnership is the North Valley’s Eater’s Guide to Local Food.

Buy Fresh Buy Local, North Valley Eater's Guide  (PDF)(4th Edition)

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