College of Agriculture

Swine Unit

The swine unit strives to support the educational mission of the College of Agriculture by providing a uniform herd of breeding seedstock in a clean environment, for teaching, research, and outreach.

The student-run herd consists of 35 registered Yorkshire sows that produce two litters every year and consistently provide animals for educational and research-oriented purposes. The pigs we produce are sold primarily to youth as project pigs, with the remaining offspring used to supply purebred replacement animals to an expanding market.

Students, faculty, and staff host an educational swine day each spring, which is capped off by our annual spring project pig sale.

Herd health is a primary concern at the swine unit, and we maintain a biosecure area. Signs are posted throughout the unit, and visits are allowed by appointment only.

Clay Carlson - Faculty - 530-898-6694
Brendan Close - Staff - 530-898-6025