College of Agriculture

Internship Course

The Internship courses (ABUS 389, AGRI 389, ANSC 389, and PSSC 389) provide credit for industry experience.  Students must have prior approval from the supervising faculty before beginning their internship experience. 

The objective of the internship program is to enhance the technical and professional capabilities of future production, service and research employees.

The objective may be achieved through an internship program for undergraduate students, who will receive practical experience in a wide variety of agricultural science related fields, i.e. production, service and research.  The program may also serve to acquaint student interns with agricultural and conflicting lifestyles, norms and values, while establishing valuable contacts in their chosen field.

The internship may be spent in the private or public sector, but in either case, should reflect a view of a wide cross-section of the business/agency.

For more information regarding the Ag. internship courses, please contact Professor Alyssa Schager.(opens in new window)

Current internships are available on our website.