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At Chico State's College of Agriculture, we are educating and equipping future agricultural leaders by providing the most hands-on approach and  opportunities for our students, faculty and staff to obtain before excelling in their prospective careers.

By connecting the classroom and the field, our students are getting the chance to be a part of every working piece of the agricultural industry as well as explore local California commodities and industry connections.

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If it were just food and fiber, it would be indispensable. But agriculture is more than that. It’s both the promise of sustenance for a hungry world and a source of enjoyment in a demanding world. It is education and entertainment. It is land use and landscape. It is natural sustainability and national security.

It is a confluence of biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, engineering, meteorology, biotechnology, economics, finance, marketing, packaging, distribution, sales, and sociology. Essentially, agriculture is life.

For almost 70 years, the College of Agriculture at California State University, Chico has impacted the quality of life in California and across the nation by educating and equipping agricultural leaders who have the theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and decision-making ability that allows them to excel in their chosen career. The close, friendly nature of our college, combined with an integrated agricultural curriculum and remarkable access to hands-on education, creates a fertile learning environment for our students and the agriculture industry we serve.


Chico State Giving Day

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Students smiling at camera.

Chico State Wins 2022 FAS Agricultural Export Market Challenge

Team smiling at camera

Through a new student contest hosted by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), students from Chico State’s College of Agriculture received “top team” for the 2022 FAS Agricultural Export Market Challenge.

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