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The lack of agricultural awareness is not a new topic. Too few Californians understand the origin of their food, reflecting disconnect between the agricultural industry and those they serve. Those working in agriculture are proud of our history, diversity, and record of success, yet it is clear many urban citizens are unaware of the commitment to a safe, secure, and plentiful food supply. The need to share our story with those not connected to agriculture requires enhanced efforts to educate the general public.Woman and high school student in blue FFA jacket stand together in front of a corral, reviewing notes in a folder.

With nearly 80,000 high school and junior high school students enrolled in agricultural programs in our state, agriculture teachers have the unique ability to facilitate opportunities for students lacking an agricultural background. More importantly, these opportunities to reach young people may serve as a catalyst to change the public’s perception of our industry.

California State University, Chico has accepted the challenge to prepared qualified agricultural teachers to embark on this mission while continuing to prepare the next generation of agriculturalists. However, the requirements of student teaching add Sparks fly as student wearing protective helmet and earmuffs touches metal to grinding machine. tremendous financial burden for our students. They cannot work because they are engaged in agricultural programs as student teachers, yet must pay for tuition, books, and living expenses.

Here is where you can help! Sponsoring a future agriculture teacher will pay enormous dividends for generations. With your support, we can encourage dynamic agriculture students by assisting them through their fifth and most costly year of education—reducing financial barriers that can prevent them from becoming a credentialed teacher. Your stewardship will be recognized in the College of Agriculture’s Harvest Magazine, the California Agriculture Teacher’s Association Golden Slate Newsletter, and through a letter from the University Foundation.  

This fall, CSU, Chico will place 29 agricultural student teachers in classrooms throughout California. We are looking for sponsors who want to take action and support these future educators, allowing them focus on agriculture impact, community engagement and, ultimately, personal growth and career success within the agriculture education profession.

Student in greenhouse smiles at camera while sorting plants on the table in front of her.

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For more information, contact Dustin Bush, associate director of development, at or 530-898-6605. You may also contact Tommy Henderson, professor in agricultural education, at or 559-393-1616.