College of Agriculture

The Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science

Plants are essential to human life and virtually all life on earth. They provide us with much of the food we eat, the fiber for our clothing, the feed for our livestock, and the plants for our homes, gardens, parks, and natural areas.

In the midst of one of the most productive and diverse crop production areas in the world, Chico State's plant and soil sciences program provides students with a thorough understanding of crop production integrated with all aspects of agricultural resource management. The program contains two options: crops and horticulture; and land and soil resource management.  In addition to an in-depth knowledge of plant science, students graduate with a holistic and practical understanding of resources fundamental to the management of sustainable crop production systems. By the time they graduate, students have carried out on-farm experiments and explored the implications of their research with regard to local production practices as well as to larger societal concerns.

Close cooperation with agricultural industries ensures that instruction is relevant to challenges of the 21st century and that students have skills necessary to launch their careers. The University Farm provides a working laboratory for students to manage crop production projects and to design and conduct research. It provides an outdoor classroom for students to get first-hand experience with the concepts of plant science in the context of a farm environment. Participation in the crops and horticulture club is an opportunity to share and explore diverse interests outside the classroom with other students. The club has an active agenda: growing horticultural crops on a student-run section of the farm, propagating plants in the greenhouses, marketing, participating in professional meetings, and meeting with industry representatives. The club helps ensure that the Chico experience is fun as well as educational.

Our program in plant and soil science prepares students for careers in the production of plant crops for human and animal consumption, for the protection of these crops against pests, and for the stewardship of natural resources. Career opportunities are found in the agricultural production industry, agricultural research, crop consulting, and regulation.


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