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Organic Vegetable Project

The Organic Vegetable Project (OVP) started out small in 2008 with just one acre of the available 10-acre certified organic plot. Currently three acres are in production, growing over 50 varieties of vegetables to supply the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership. CSA members pay a monthly membership in exchange for a box of produce each week April through December. Extra produce is supplied to the Wildcat Food Pantry on campus for students in need. 

The collaboration brings together students, faculty, local farmers, and other community members who intend to cultivate within the model of small scale organic vegetable production, support the local food movement and promote the wise use of resources.  Its goals are to support local farmers with information, the community with educational workshops, students with valuable management and research skills, and the university campus with fresh produce.

A research objective of the project is to grow, evaluate, and identify the most promising new vegetable varieties in an effort to provide local organic growers with information to help them become more competitive. Community outreach is another goal of the project.

The project was initiated through funding from the Earl Foor Foundation, the CSU, Chico Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD), the AS Sustainability Fund, and the CSU Agricultural Research Initiative (ARI).

Community Supported Agriculture Program

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model of farming that links consumers directly with the farmer. Members of this CSA will enjoy part of the Organic Vegetable Project’s (OVP) harvest by receiving a share of fresh seasonal vegetables, and sometimes flowers and herbs, each week. Your support helps pay for the OVP’s costs, promotes education, and feeds the local community.

Members commit to supporting the farm financially for the duration of the season, May-December. If you are a student and cannot commit to the duration of the season you may pick up our fresh produce free of charge at the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry on campus. Currently, we depend on the financial support of our members to keep the Organic Vegetable Project operating and bringing fresh organic produce to the community.

Become a CSA Member Today! (PDF)

Dr. Jamal Javanmardi - Faculty - 530-898-5723

Scott Grist - Staff - 530-898-6023

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