College of Agriculture


The greenhouse and nursery provide faculty, students, and staff the opportunity to grow plants in various controlled environments. Students in a variety of classes visit the greenhouses for hands-on experience. The agricultural experimental research (AGRI 490) class uses the greenhouse and nursery for research projects. We also provide hands-on training to ag education students and students from many other disciplines. In addition to laboratory and research activities, we also supply plant material for local restoration projects in the northern Sacramento Valley.

Five greenhouses of different styles and sizes provide students the opportunity to grow plants in a wide range of environments. The addition of a large propagation greenhouse with the newest in environmentally controlled technology allows the research and production of high-quality plant material. An outdoor growing area of 8,000 sq.ft. of shade system with automatic irrigation provides ample space for student projects. An arboretum and rose garden are located adjacent to the facility to provide plant studies and areas for outdoor gatherings and relaxation.

Contact: Angie Handy - Staff - 530-898-6023