College of Agriculture

Meet the Student Senator

2022-2023 College of Agriculture Senator: Mia Arisman

Mia Arisman was first introduced to agriculture while growing up in the small, rural area of Acampo. It was there that she discovered a deep love of learning and a curiosity about the world around her. She attended Galt High School, where she tried everything from public speaking to judging team competitions in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program. This passion led her to become the California FFA State Secretary, where she traveled the state attending various high schools and conferences.  

Arisman is now attending Chico State as a Bell Family Presidential Scholar and is majoring in agricultural education. She is also in the Honors Program, and she has hit the ground running by joining the Ag Ambassadors, the Educational Opportunity Program, and serving as the College of Agriculture senator this year.   

Mia Arisman

“When I toured Chico State, it felt like the tight-knit community that I was used to back in my hometown. I discovered how genuine and caring the students and faculty were. It felt like a second home,” Arisman said. 

Choosing to major in agricultural education was an easy choice for Arisman, as it was her high school agricultural teachers— Carl Wright, Cheryl and Doug Reece, Dane White, Derick Silva, Eileen Desmond, Holly Hockett, Isaac Valencia, Jessalee Goerhing, and Katie Titus-Wipfli—who helped foster her love of learning and her strong work ethic.  

“Agriculture education is the perfect combination of my passions,” said Arisman. “Being a first-generation college student, the thought of college was always daunting to me, but education can be super transformative for many students, just like myself.” 

One of her biggest role models within the College of Agriculture is Assistant Professor Alyssa Schager—she always enjoys taking her classes, attending her office hours, and working on various activities with her.  

“Dr. Schager wants every single one of her students to be seen and heard, which has provided me the confidence to succeed at Chico State. She is an amazing mentor to me,” Arisman said.  

Arisman is definitely making her mark this year while serving the College of Agriculture, and she is inspiring herself and others to remain curious, to keep smiling, and to never be afraid to ask questions.  

In her role as College of Agriculture senator, Arisman will be focusing on three specific goals: connecting, creating, and strengthening communities. She wants to connect the college with as many opportunities as Chico State has to offer, and she would like to create new ideas through various events and activities, especially coming out of the pandemic. She is also driven to strengthen the community inside and outside the college through the interactions of students with different majors.  

One of Arisman’s favorite memories from her time at Chico State is providing University Farm tours to prospective students. She loves seeing the joy in their eyes as they imagine themselves attending Chico State, and she enjoys being able to create connections with the students.  

In her free time, Arisman enjoys being in nature, whether that be kayaking, hiking, or hammocking. She also enjoys reading and doing arts and crafts. After earning her undergraduate degree, she would like to pursue a master's degree in agricultural education and focus on high school or higher education. Arisman would also love to study abroad, and then continue to travel for the rest of her life to learn more about other cultures and gain new experiences in other countries.