College of Agriculture

Jace Northup

Animal Science

Animal science major Jase Northup grew up in a long line of farmers. His great-grandfather, Everett Northup, moved to California from Iowa at the age of 21 and became the ranch manager of the Rumiano family dairy and beef operation in the city of Vina. Meanwhile, his mother’s grandfather, Merrill Bauer, sold the family’s citrus grove in Orange County and moved to Los Molinos, where he turned a 48-acre hog farm into a dairy. Northup is the fourth generation of his mother’s family to tend the farm, so it is no surprise that he would choose to study agriculture in college.

Northup’s personal interest in beef cattle was sparked in high school when he befriended a peer who came from a cattle ranching family. During his time in the Los Molinos Future Farmers of America, Northup raised five steers for the county fair. In addition to raising market steers, Northup purchased some registered Angus and Limousin cattle to start his small sized herd.

In high school, Northup was a star student. He was the first Los Molinos High School student in nearly a decade to exceed a 4.0 GPA. He also holds the second highest ACT score in his high school’s history. His academic success, paired with his dedication to agriculture, made Northup a top recruit for the first ever Bell Family Presidential Scholarship offered by the CSU, Chico College of Agriculture. A tour of the University Farm, specifically the beef unit, by Associate Dean Dave Daley solidified his choice to attend CSU, Chico.

Northup joined the beef unit staff upon entering CSU, Chico and is now the unit herdsmen. As herdsman, Northup is the lead student employee at the unit, overseeing all operations of the beef cattle and unit as a whole.  

During his time at CSU, Chico, Northup has been involved with the Young Cattlemen’s Association, as well as the California Cattlemen’s Association. This year he was elected treasurer of the Young Cattlemen’s Association of CSU, Chico. He is also on the CSU, Chico Bass Fishing Team. When he’s not in school or managing the beef unit, Northup enjoys competition target shooting, hunting, and fly-fishing.

Northrup credits his success at CSU, Chico to professors Daley and Kasey DeAtley.

“Both Dr. Daley and Dr. DeAtley have always been there to teach me the ins-and-outs of the cattle industry in all aspects,” he said. “They are always available for any questions I have, and they give incredible guidance in many different aspects of life. I appreciate all that they have taught me and hope to reciprocate that knowledge one day.”

When he graduates, Northup sees himself pursuing a career as a feedlot nutritionist and possibly teaching animal science classes at the college level. He recognizes instructor Wes Schager for sparking his interest in beef cattle nutrition.

“I look up to Wes in many ways, in what he does during his time not only in the College of Agriculture but with his livestock nutrition consulting business as well as his own herd of cattle,” Northup said. “He really spurred me on to becoming a part of the cattle nutrition industry, specifically feedlot cattle.”

Northup appreciates the well-rounded education he has received at CSU, Chico.   

“If the College of Agriculture has taught me anything, it would be the vast amount of livestock management,” Northup said. “But I’ve also gained professional and effective communication skills. What I have learned here is a lifetime of knowledge and I am thankful for all involved. This continued knowledge has helped me grow as a person in all aspects of life—and I am eternally grateful.”