College of Agriculture

Matthew Chiono

Student standing next to cow.

Matthew Chiono, a senior majoring in agricultural education, grew up in Marysville where hedeveloped a passion for machinery and welding and a love for mechanics. He began his college career at Yuba Community College with a plan to study psychology and become a therapist, but after working as a hunting and fishing guide and getting some experience farming hay and rice, he switched his focus to agriculture.

Chiono decided to transfer to Chico State because it was close to home and he knew he would receive a quality college education.  

“I knew I needed to continue my education, so I came to Chico State to pursue my love for welding and mechanics. I want to be a teacher and make a difference in my future students’ lives,” Chiono said.  

He will be starting the credential program this fall to become a high school agriculture teacher with an emphasis on mechanics and welding. All of his classes so far have greatly contributed to his unique path.  

“One of my favorite classes is Livestock Skills (ANSC 120) with Clay Carlson, a lecturer in the College of Agriculture. I was never in 4-H or FFA, so I did not know anything about livestock animals,” Chiono said. “This expanded my knowledge about animal husbandry.” 

Another highlight in Chiono’s college experience is working at the University Farm’s Organic Dairy Unit. He enjoys the family aspect of working with other student employees and being able to learn so much about a livestock species he was unfamiliar with.  

One of Chiono’s biggest role models is his sister, Christine Hall. He admires her drive for always trying something new while being able to be patience with herself.  

“She made me realize that your first try may not work so it may take some time to find your place. I learned from my sister that you always must do what makes you happy,” Chiono said.  

Chiono offers some valuable advice to any incoming student: 

“Make the most of your college experience. The time goes by quicker than you think,” Chiono said. “Join all the clubs and activities you can and do not be afraid of trying new things and meeting new people.” 

Matthew Chiono

His favorite part about the College of Agriculture is the friendliness and sense of community that all the faculty, staff, and students have for each other—everyone is included and it feels like a big family. Chiono will always hold his time at Chico State close to his heart.  

Chiono is actively involved in the College of Agriculture through the following: Ag Ambassadors, Ducks Unlimited, Collegiate FFA, Dairy Science and Industry Club, Crops and Horticulture Club, and the Young Cattlemen’s Club. Outside of academics and work, he enjoys archery hunting, fly fishing, and playing guitar.  

After completing his credential, Chino hopes to teach high school agriculture and live a life of fulfillment and financial stability.