College of Agriculture

Sigma Alpha

15 sorority members grouped together with two holding a sign that reads 'Sweet Home Signma Alpha'

Sigma Alpha – where passion for agriculture meets sisterhood! Established in 1978 at the Ohio State University, we emerged as a trailblazing alternative to the ordinary sorority experience. Our founders, five visionary women, ignited a spark that has since evolved into a dynamic sisterhood dedicated to scholarship, leadership, and service.

From the heartlands to coastlines, our sisterhood includes the brightest undergraduates and the most accomplished alumnae, all united by the spirit of Sigma Alpha. Picture yourself among more than 19,000 incredible women who've embraced the Sigma Alpha journey – a celebration of growth, empowerment, and the shared love for all things agriculture.

So, if you're ready to sow the seeds of friendship, cultivate leadership skills, and harvest unforgettable memories, you're prepared to be part of Sigma Alpha! Join us in cultivating a future where scholarship thrives, leadership shines, and the bonds of sisterhood are unbreakable. Let's write the next chapter of Sigma Alpha's story together! To keep up with our recruitment process and events please follow our Instagram @sigmaalpha_csuchico

For more information visit the Sigma Alpha Website or Facebook Page(opens in new window).