College of Agriculture

Sydney Frazier

Star Student in Agricultural Education

Sydney FrazierSydney Frazier has known she wanted to become an agriculture teacher since she was 14 years old. Born and raised on the Central California coast,  Frazier was very shy at a young age. But when she began competing in the FFA Creed competition her freshmen year of high school Frazier was able to come out of her shell and grow her public speaking skills. 

“My agriculture teacher saw something in me and encouraged me to do the creed and it shaped me into who I am today,” Frazier said. “I was really hesitant on this because it was public speaking, but it gave me so much confidence that I still have to this day.” 

With that confidence, an outstanding track record in in academics, and extensive involvement within the College of Agriculture, the graduating senior has earned her the title of 2021 Star Student in Agricultural Education.  

Growing up, Frazier enjoyed teaching children with disabilities how to ride horses and being an active member of her community. She showed a variety of different livestock animals at her county fair through 4-H and FFA.  

She transferred to Chico State from Shasta Community College, where she was heavily involved in activities at the community college level. She was also the goat and swine herdsmen during her time there.  

At Chico State, her impressive inclination toward getting involved continued. Frazier is a past member of the Tehama County Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers, and she was active in Sigma Alpha Professional Sorority, Young Cattlemen’s Association, and FFA Field Day, including serving as student vice chair and student chair of the annual event, which is cohosted by Chico State and Butte College 

Her favorite memory was asking to be vice chair for FFA Field Day, which led into being the student co-chair the following year. She helped plan the entire field day during the pandemic. 

“I would have never imagined hosting a virtual field day,” Frazier said. “I knew we were doing something great for these FFA students so that gave me my motivation to just keep pushing through the obstacles we faced.”  

She is also proud of her academic success by receiving regular Dean’s List recognitionShe prides herself on her strong people skills by demonstrating professionalism and efficient communication in her everyday life.  

“The biggest takeaway from being at Chico State is being resilient. Online school has really taught me how to keep pushing through and overcoming any obstacle that comes my way,” Frazier said.  

Frazier has had a variety of industry experience through her internships. She worked as a ranch hand for Bar GX Hay and Cattle Company, a typist for the University of California Cooperative Extension and County 4-H Office, and an assistant to CEO of Shasta District Fair.  

Another one of Frazier’s favorite memories is meeting Alyssa Schager in the “Introduction to Agricultural Education class, which was one her favorites.  

“She is such a light in everyone’s lives. She makes everything so enjoyable with her genuine personality,” Frazier said.  

Frazier has several faculty members within the college that she looks up too. The connections she made with the agricultural education department is something that she will hold close to her heart for the rest of her life.  

“Sydney Frazier is an amazing young lady who exudes a positive attitude to everyone around her.  She has created opportunities to vastly expand her agricultural knowledge and has gained incredible skills through internships and work experiences.  Sydney is quick to offer help, a gracious smile and has a desire to work with young people,” said Professor Mollie Aschenbrener 

By fall 2022, Frazier hopes to be an agricultural teacher in Northern California and possibly continue her education to become a college professor. She would also like to run a club lamb operation on the side 

California agriculture is a huge passion of mine. I try to get the hands-on experience in agriculture to grow my knowledge. I am looking forward to making an impact on my future students just like my agriculture teacher impacted me,” Frazier said.