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Sandy Beck

Sanford "Sandy" Beck is the director of vocational training for Job Corp. in seven states for the Reno-based company Adams & Associates. Prior to that, he served as the executive director and executive secretary for the California State Council on Vocational Education, where he was the liaison with inter-governmental agencies and responsible for integration of vocational education and employment/training planning, research planning, and evaluation in conjunction with and directed by the council and its officers. Beck graduated in 1960 with a B.S. in life science. He received his general secondary and special secondary agriculture credentials as well as a secondary administrative credential from UC, Davis. He earned a master's in vocational education administration from CSU, Sacramento. Following his graduation from CSU, Chico, Beck spent many years as a vocational agriculture instructor, councilor, and administrator and was principal of Willows High School from 1969-1971. He has served as regional coordinator and regional supervisor for the State Department of Education and was the general manager of the Kiwifruit Commodity Division of Sun World International.  While at CSU, Chico, Beck was president of Associated Students in 1958 and was responsible for initiating a mandatory student fee  which gave leverage for the bonds that built Bell Memorial Union. One of his greatest honors while on campus was when Glenn Kendall asked him to be the student representative at the dedication of Kendall Hall.