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Importance of Research to the University

  • Research* discovers, elucidates and evaluates new knowledge, ideas, and the technologies essential in driving the future
    of society and humanity
  • Without research, a relevant and modern curriculum does not exist
  • Research fosters professional excellence in faculty, important for delivering outstanding student education and training
  • When our next generation of practitioners and leaders (students) engage in research, with its deliberate process and 
    requirements for critical thinking skills, they become better students and are best prepared for the challenges and 
    opportunities of the future
  • Research is an opportunity to make a difference and it is open to everyone and thrives on a diversity of approaches 
    and perspectives
  • Regionally, nationally and internationally, our research activities and services have critical economic, societal and 
    environmental impacts

[* “research” as used here includes the broad spectrum of research, scholarly and creative (RSCA) activities undertaken by faculty, staff and students that lead to original findings, products, and services.  An important underlying objective of research is the sharing and dissemination of the results of these activities, typically through the standards of peer-review publication.]

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