Chico State Enterprises

Procurement, Contract Services, and Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (AP) is a department within Chico State Enterprises (CSE).  AP is required to adhere to state and federal laws and uphold policies and procedures of CSE.  Our department processes purchase orders, contacts and issues payments and reimbursements to vendors and campus employees for CSE and The University Foundation (UF). Note: CSE and The UF have implemented a Policy Regarding Deposits, Payment Requests and Sub-Contract Timelines (PDF).

FY 22/23 Year-End Closing Reminders and Transaction Due Dates

FY 22/23 Year-End Closing Reminders and Transaction Due Dates Announcement  (PDF)

Do I need a Payee Data Record (PDR)?

A PDR is required when the payment is tax reportable by CSE or The UF.  Examples of reportable income include, but are not limited to, payments for services including installation, delivery, handling and set-up fees, guest speakers, honorariums, performers, rent, royalties, legal fees, medical and health services, gift, prize and award recipients, and stipends.  

Note: PDRs are not required for CSE or California State University, Chico employees when requesting reimbursement for business-related expenses.

Payee Data Record (PDR) (PDF)

Additional Requirement for Non-US Citizens 

  • Non-US citizens who do not have a SSN must complete a Foreign National Tax Collection Form prior to submitting a request for payment
  • Combine the Foreign National Tax Collection Form with the PDR, and submit as one combined pdf file (see Adobe video tutorial(opens in new window)), to the appropriate secure PDR Drop Box

At what point does a PDR need to be submitted to Accounts Payable (AP)?

  • Before a contract, purchase order request or check request is submitted for processing

Does CSE already have a PDR on file?

  • Vendors – Before requesting a vendor to complete a PDR, check the Vendor (Non-Student) PDR list(opens in new window) to determine if CSE has a current PDR on file 
  • Students – A new PDR is required prior to all student payments, including awards and stipends, due to frequent address changes to minimize undeliverable checks
  • New PDRs are required each time a payee name, tax status, or address change occurs

How do I submit a PDR? 

  • Payees can obtain, complete and upload PDRs directly to CSE’s secure Student Drop Box or Vendor Drop Box.
    • PDR’s may contain level one data and should not be sent via email
List of Vendors (Non-Student) with Payee Data Records (PDRs) on File