Chico State Enterprises


Additional Temporary Benefits for CSE Employees Impacted by COVID-19

Chico State Enterprises (CSE) benefited employees and their family members who are impacted by COVID-19 may be eligible to receive additional temporary benefits through our CSE Health Plans with Blue Shield or Kaiser.

Your Employee Resources

Medical EPO and PPO Plans (effective 1/1/22):Access to Care Outside California:Medical Kaiser:
HealthNow Administrative Services (HNAS)Blue Card:  (800) 810-2583Kaiser (800) 464-4000
(877) 356-0666 in new window) in new window) in new window)Access to Care Outside of the USA:
Pharmacy / Mail Order:(800) 810-2583
Express Scripts: (855) 521-0825Online Support:
RxBIN:  003858Member Portal: in new window)
RXPCN:  A4Wellness: in new window)


  • T50534693 (EPO),
  • T50534705 (PPO 2800),
  • T50534789 (PPO 500)


(800) Teladoc (835-2362)

Chiropractic / Acupuncture:NurseHelp 24/7:
American Specialty Health(877) 304-0504
Member:  (800) 678-9133 LifeReferrals 24/7:   
Provider:  (800) 972-4226(800) 985-2405
Mental Health / Substance Abuse:HealthAdvocate:
Magellan:(877) 619-3435
California:  (877) in new window)
Out-of-State:  (877) 655-2583 in new window)