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Chico State Enterprises is pleased to announce that we have transitioned our core business process for development and submission of grant and contract proposals to a web based software platform called Cayuse. All proposals are now developed and submitted using the new software.  Additionally, Cayuse can be used for Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications for Human Subjects Research. 

The PI/project director’s first step in using Cayuse is to initiate a Cayuse proposal record. To do so, please see Cayuse Guidance and Tutorials.

Cayuse Research Suite Login(opens in new window)


Benefits of the Cayuse Software:

  • Consolidation/tracking of proposal documents in a central repository
  • Online collaboration with the Development Specialist and project collaborators
  • Develop proposals, submit and track routing for approvals
  • Real-time status checks on proposal/award dashboards, viewing your proposal and award records
  • Overall streamlined processed/increased efficiency
  • Single sign-on using your Chico State login
  • 24/7 access

We look forward to working with Project Directors in using the new tool! 

Questions? Contact Julie Jessen at

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