Chico State Enterprises

Business Processing Times for Accounting Transactions

Below is an updated schedule of business processing times for the most frequent transaction requests
submitted to Chico State Enterprises (CSE). Please remember, to help keep incoming requests moving
efficiently, continue to send fully completed requests to the appropriate CSE inbox.

Schedule of Business Processing Times


Processing Time

CSE Inbox

Accounts Receivable Invoice Requests3 business days

Check Requests10 business days - Check requests for UF projects starting with 1 - 4 - Check requests for CSE projects starting with 5 - 8 or JL - Check requests for Sponsored Projects starting with SP - Check requests for University Farm projects only

Foreign Travel45 days

P-Card Credit Increase Requests3 business days - Temporary credit limit increases 

P-Card Requests (New and Account Updates)Once P-Card training is complete, a card is mailed within 10 business days - New P-Card requests and account updates 

P-Card TrainingMonthly as needed - Cardholder and approving official P-Card training

Petty Cash Requests3 business days 

Procurement Requests10 business days - Requests for procurement approval, i.e., Competitive Bid Forms

Purchase Order Requests10 business days - Purchase order (PO) requests including POs for reimbursed time

Vehicle Reservations3 business days - Requests for Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Vendor Agreements7-10 business days based on complexity - Agreements and contracts for services, i.e., purchases with terms and conditions such as consulting services, speaking engagements, and venue rentals