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This section will review processes specific to staff and faculty payroll. From hiring, requesting special pay, maintaining absences and schedule information.

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  • Hire Process

    To ensure Federal and State requirements are met, each new or returning employee will need to visit HRSC in Kendall 220 for a determination on what paperwork will be required prior to their start date. For questions about new hire paperwork, contact Employment Services or look on the HRSC Employment Services web page. This includes ALL staff, faculty and student employees. This paperwork will need to be completed prior to the employee being entered with a job record in Oracle/PeopleSoft or receiving any pay. Please review our Department's New Hire Resources for more information regarding processes for new employees and gaining campus access. For questions regarding the process of hiring staff or faculty please contact the appropriate office as listed below:

    Access Hire Process

    A process is in place to grant new Faculty and staff access to campuses services such as e-mail, portal access, Wildcat card, and library services prior to their appointment effective date.

    • Staff and MPP are granted access after completion of the new hire paperwork. Employment Services creates a Future Hire Person of Interest (POI) record in PeopleSoft.
    • Faculty can be granted access by the hiring department by being added as an Instructor of Record on a class in PeopleSoft or by the College when a Faculty contract is generated in PeopleSoft.

    For more information, please refer to the Access Hire Process(opens in new window).

    I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

    All employees are required to submit appropriate documentation to verify their eligibility to work in the United States. Please refer to Federal Guidelines (PDF) and our list of Acceptable Documents(opens in new window) for more information. If substantiation cannot be provided within the guidelines, the employee will not be permitted to work until they are able to provide that substantiation. For more information on requirements or questions about the process, please refer to the HRSC Employment Services New Employee Resources web page.

  • Attendance Certification (Certifying Master Payroll - Staff/Faculty)

    On a monthly basis, each department/college is responsible for certifying Master Payroll. This process verifies that each master pay warrant issued is valid and appropriate to be released. This is due to Payroll by 4:00 pm on the last day of the pay period. For more detailed information, please refer to the following documents:

    Quicksteps to Attendance Certification

    1. Approximately five days prior to the end of the pay period, the Master Payroll Attendance Clerk should run the Attendance Certification Report (ACR)(opens in new window) in Oracle/PeopleSoft and print the Attendance Certification Statement (ACS)(opens in new window).
    2. Attendance Certification Report (ACR) - The Master Payroll Attendance Clerk and Certifier should review the employees listed on the ACR for each Department/SCO Unit # to verify that each of them should, in fact, be receiving pay warrants for the pay period in question.
      1. If an employee is listed who should not receive a pay warrant, please draw a line through their name, adjust the total employees, and note them in Section II of the ACS as “Delete”.
      2. If an employee who should receive pay is not listed please write them on the ACR, adjust the total employees, and note them in Section II of the ACS as “Add”.
    3. Attendance Certification Statement (ACS) - The Master Payroll Attendance Clerk should fill in the ACS according to the instructions:
      1. Section I: details the appropriate pay period (month and year), and the appropriate SCO Unit #’s being certified.
      2. Section II: gives the option to list any employees that you may have crossed off or added on your ACR’s; list their SCO Unit #, the employee name and whether you are adding them or deleting them from your department.
      3. Section III: requires appropriate certifying signatures. Please be sure to follow all instructions regarding signatures; the department Certifier signs on the top line certifying all employees in the department excluding him/her self. If the department Certifier is listed on any of the ACR’s then his/her supervisor will need to sign on the second line to certify their pay. The Master Payroll Attendance Clerk should fill out the name and contact information as requested for “Prepared By”.
    4. Both the Attendance Certification Report and Attendance Certification Statement must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on payday. Please refer to the Campus (Event) Calendar(opens in new window) for specific dates.

    NOTE 1: The Attendance Certification is separate from your department’s Absence Reporting process.

    NOTE 2: Please submit your Hourly/Intermittent pay requests separately from your Attendance Certification for Master Payroll. Review the Hourly/Intermittent Pay section of this manual for specific instructions related to Hourly/Intermittent employees.

  • Leave/Absence Reporting

    All Staff and Faculty are required to report what type(s) of leave benefit they will use for any time they were absent from work. Please refer to respective Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)(opens in new window) for specifics pertaining to each type of leave benefit allowable. Employee time is calculated and submitted based on their assigned work schedule. Unless reported otherwise, employees are placed on a standard State work schedule based on their time base according to our Schedule Matrix. For employees working an alternate or non-standard schedule, please refer to Alternate and/or Compressed Work Week Schedules information about necessary documentation. For more detailed information about absence reporting please refer to Leaves/Absence Reporting(opens in new window) document.

    NOTE 1: All staff and 12-month faculty employees are also required to record “No Leave Taken” for each pay period in which they are not absent from work.

    Our Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) webpage includes specific instructions and information about the AMSS module for all staff and 12-month faculty. There are instances when an employee will have to report their absences for the pay period on our paper Absence Report and Intermittent Employee Timesheet(opens in new window) (STD 634); for instance all academic year(AY) faculty, employees reporting DOCK time during the pay period, special leaves being coordinated through the Employee Leaves or Workers' Compensation programs, or prior pay period corrections.

    AMSS Roles

    There are three roles available within each department/college and a few require Security access for their roles.


    Each AMSS eligible employee (staff, management and 12-month faculty) has access to enter their personal absences or “No Leave Taken” through AMSS on their CSU, Chico Portal(opens in new window). Employees can also view their own leave activity and balances.


    Allowed to view absence balances, review reported absences, enter absences, and view schedules. Requires HR Security Access to perform; information on requesting access is located on the PeopleSoft HR Security & Training site.


    Required to approve absences for employees under their supervision through AMSS. This role is assigned through the “Reports To” in position data. If discrepancies are found in your department/college please contact HR Security to learn steps and who has authority in your area for updating the system. If a Manager/Lead will be unable to access the AMSS system to approve their employee’s absences within the monthly deadlines, they may temporarily appoint a Proxy. Please refer to our Absence Management Self Service - Proxy Guidelines & Process.

    Monthly reminders, including pay periods and due dates, are sent to all AMSS eligible Employees, Timekeepers and Manager/Leads, but review the Campus (Event) Calendar(opens in new window) for applicable due dates.

    Reviewing Leave Balances

    Absence Reporting is reported and calculated after the pay period ends. Employees have the capability of viewing their own leave takes and accruals via the CSU, Chico Portal(opens in new window). Timekeeper and Manager/Lead roles also have the ability to review leave activity for their department/college (based on security roles). In addition, a report called the Absence Activity Report is available on a monthly basis after the calendar is finalized. Only certain designees from each department/college have the capability to run this report and the distribution list is maintained in Payroll. Monthly notifications are delivered to this group for information on this report and the information it contains. If you feel that you or someone in your department / college should have access to run this report, please contact HR Security.


    Master Pay employees are paid based on a standardized pay period; each pay period contains 21 or 22 normal workdays. Normal work days are Monday through Friday, including holidays during the work week. The work week is Sunday through Saturday. Beginning and ending dates of each pay period are defined by the California Department of Finance and can be found on the current Faculty and Staff Calendar. Most employees work the standard State work schedule, Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day

    Alternate and/or Compressed Work Week Schedules

    Compressed patterns such as 4/10, 9/80, 3/12, and work schedules that require days other than Saturday and Sunday off are considered alternate workweek schedules. These schedules may require a one or two week work period. Each department/college must submit a Notice of Work Schedule(opens in new window) form to establish any employee’s compressed and/or alternate work schedule to the Payroll Office. Special considerations must be followed in accordance with all guidelines set forth in the employee’s CBA. This schedule is entered in Oracle/PeopleSoft and will accurately be reflected in Absence Management.

    Please refer to our Schedules Guidelines(opens in new window) for more detailed information about work schedules and to understand how compressed and/or alternate work week schedules will affect non-exempt employees.

  • Overtime

    Occasionally your department/college may find the need for employees to work extra hours or overtime. These hours are reported to Payroll using the Overtime Authorization(opens in new window) form. Overtime and time worked on a holiday must be pre-approved by a supervisor before the hours are worked. There are instructions for this form on page 2 of the document. It is imperative that the form is filled out completely and that all fields have an accurate entry. For questions about overtime or the reporting process, please contact your Payroll Technician.

    The Master Payroll Attendance Clerk should review the calculation of hours worked, verify whether the work was “Call Back” or not, and use the CBA(opens in new window) guidelines to reflect the appropriate time for either pay or Compensatory Time Off(CTO) in the “Totals” section of the form.

    NOTE 1: Employees who regularly work less than full-time will earn “Straight Hours for Pay” up to 40 hours per work week (Sunday through Saturday). For hours worked in excess of 40 during the workweek, employees will earn “Premium Hours for Pay” or “Premium Hours for CTO” as determined by the Appropriate Administrator and consistent with the CBAs. Every effort should be made to determine ahead of time whether the OT will be paid as wages or CTO.

    NOTE 2: Exempt employees are not entitled to overtime.

  • Shift and Special Pay

    A department/college may schedule employees to work, evenings, nights, or other irregular shifts, or require special training for certain tasks. This work generally grants the employee an extra pay amount called “Shift Differential” or “Special Pay”. Please refer to each respective CBA for specifics of each situation. These are reported to Payroll using the Shift Differential, Special Pay Report(opens in new window). The Master Payroll Attendance Clerk is responsible for completing this form and submitting it to the Payroll Office along with the Master Attendance Certification on the last work day of the pay period. As with all Payroll forms this needs to be completely filled out; you can add additional lines to the document by clicking the “+” sign to the left of each row.

  • Hourly/Intermittent Pay

    Hourly/Intermittent employees are not included with Master Payroll or the Student Time and Labor reporting processes. Please refer to Hourly Intermittent Employee Information(opens in new window)n for more detailed information for Staff Intermittent employees:

    Reporting Time

    Hourly/Intermittent employees report their time to the department/college on the Absence Report and Intermittent Employee Timesheet(opens in new window) (STD 634); reporting their hours on the “Hourly Intermittent Employees (Time Worked)” line, showing hours worked each day and any leave credits used during the pay period in the grid below. The employee and their lead/supervisor/manager must sign and date the form authorizing pay of the hours worked. Time sheets for student classifications (Instructional Student Assistants and Non-Resident Aliens) are addressed in the Student Payroll Information section of this manual.

    Reviewing Time

    Master Payroll Attendance Clerks for each department/college gather all of the intermittent staff time sheets for the pay period (on the last day of the pay period), and reviews each document for accuracy, including totaling the hours.

    Requesting Time

    Master Payroll Attendance Clerks run and print the Attendance Certification Report (ACR)(opens in new window) in Oracle/PeopleSoft, using the “Hourly/Intermittent” radio button for the pay period and their respective DeptIDs. Reported time for all of your hourly/intermittent employees on the ACR is submitted to Payroll at the same time. Coordinate with your Student Payroll Attendance Clerk if both students and staff are listed on the ACR. Time sheets must be attached in the order of employees on the ACR. Total hours for each employee must be entered in the REG column, taking care to choose the correct Job Code and Empl Rec’d #. Paper clip the time sheets to the appropriate ACR and submit them to the Payroll Office on the due date listed on the Campus (Event) Calendar(opens in new window); typically the first workday of the next pay period.

  • Wireless Device Allowance

    A department/college may require that employees need the use of wireless devices (cell phones or internet) to conduct business while away from the campus or to perform their assigned duties. There are specific rules and guidelines found in Wireless Device Guidelines and Form(opens in new window).

    The campus reimburses these employees for the cost of having this access. When your department/college identifies an employee who is eligible for this plan, a Wireless Device Allowance Form must be completed and submitted to the Payroll office. This allowance is paid annually, typically in January. If an employee becomes eligible for the allowance after January, the amount will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. It is the department/college’s responsibility to notify Payroll when an employee leaves the university or the plan is discontinued due to changes in job duties. A copy of the original form must be made and the “Discontinuation of Plan” section must be completed and submitted to Payroll.

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