School of Education

Masters of Arts in Education

The MA in Education is a multidisciplinary program that helps educators to create a strong democratic and sustainable society that honors diversity and inclusivity. The coursework supports the development of effective, reflective, and engaged educators who value the identities of all students, their families, and the communities they serve.

The program endorses scholar-practitioner inquiry and responsible praxis–based pedagogies that serve as tools toward cultivating socially and ecologically just practices in classrooms, local communities, and beyond.

The MA in Education is designed for credentialed K-12 teachers or others who work in education settings. (MA program is a minimum of 30 units)

Core Courses: 18 units

Required Courses Fall/Spring Comparison
Required Core Courses (18 units)FallSpring
EDMA 600 Critical Perspectives in EducationX
EDMA 610 Intro. to Inquiry in EducationX
EDCI 611 Analysis of InstructionX
BLMC 672 Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Educational Theories and PracticesX
SPED 661 Inclusive Theories and Practices in Special Ed.X
EDMA 611* Research Seminar in Education
(required to be taken one semester before EDMA 699T/P)
Culminating Activity(opens in new window): Thesis, Project, or Comp Exam
EDMA 699 T/P or EDMA 696*

* If taking EDMA 696 (Comp exam), EDMA 611 is not required but an additional elective must be substituted.

Elective Options: 9-12 units*

(limited to up to two 500-level courses)

  • BLMC 518 Language and Communication Skills of EL
  • BLMC 536 Intro. to Multicultural Education
  • EDCI 656 Rural and Small School Education
  • EDCI 657 Literature for a Multicultural World
  • EDCI 675 Digital Media and Online Learning
  • SPED 520 Assessment and Evaluation in General and Special Education
  • SPED 664 Instructional and Assistive Technology (formerly "Academic Literacy and Communication for Students with Disabilities")
  • SPED 680 Advanced Methods for Autism Disorder
  • SPED 691 Collaboration in Education
  • EDTE 673 Teaching English Learners: Literacy and Academic Access
  • EDTE 672 Teaching Reading/Language Arts in Bilingual and/or General Education Classrooms
  • EDTE 676B Assessment in Bilingual and/or General Education K-12

Transfer Credits

Students admitted to the MA in Education program may be able transfer Master’s-level credits from another institution (up to 6 credits) or carry-forward Master’s-level credits (up to 9) from the their Chico State Bilingual Authorization(opens in new window) or Education Specialist(opens in new window) programs. PASC(opens in new window) students can count up to 12 credits of their program toward a MA in Education from Chico State. All transfer credits are subject to recency and content standards. For further information, contact the MA program coordinator.


Dr. Ben Seipel
Graduate Coordinator
Tehama 423