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The Early Completion Intern Option (ECO)

For Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credentials

The Early Completion Intern Option (ECO) is intended to provide individuals who have requisite skills and knowledge an opportunity to challenge the course work portion of a Multiple or Single Subject Intern Program and demonstrate pedagogical skills through a performance assessment while in a Commission-approved intern program. 

Requirements for the Early Completion Intern Option
Individuals must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally-accredited college or university.

  2. Basic skills requirement(opens in new window). See Commission leaflet CL-667(opens in new window), entitled Basic Skills Requirement for additional information.

  3. Passage of one of the following assessments:

    1. The National Evaluation Series (NES) Assessment of Professional Knowledge (APK): Elementary (Test code 051) for Multiple Subjects candidates or Secondary (Test code 052) for Single Subject candidates (See Terms and Definitions)

    2. The Teaching Foundations Examination (TFE) (no longer administered-see Terms and Definitions)

  4. Completion of the initial Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) task(s) provided within a Commission-approved TPA model (See Terms and Definitions)

  5. Completion of a course (two semester units or three quarter units) in the provisions and principles of the U.S. Constitution, or passage of an examination in the subject given by a regionally-accredited college, or university.

  6. Verify knowledge of the subject to be taught by one of the following two methods:

    1. Achieve a passing score on all appropriate subject matter examination(s). Information regarding the appropriate subject matter examination(s), including passing scores and registration, can be found in Verifying Subject Matter Competence by Examination leaflets CL-674M (PDF) for Multiple Subject, or CL-674S (PDF) for Single Subject.

    2. For Single Subject Credential candidates, complete a Commission-approved subject-matter program or its equivalent and obtain verification of completion from the authorized person in the education department of a California college or university with an approved program.

  7. Fingerprint processing by Live Scan (form 41-LS (PDF)), if not previously completed for the Commission.

  8. Individuals must have an offer of employment and be enrolled in a District Intern Program or a college or university with a Commission-approved intern program. Applications must be submitted to the Commission through the Commission-approved intern program sponsor.

Requirements for the Early Completion Intern Option (PDF)

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