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Minor in Special Education

About the Special Education Minor

The special education minor facilitates early integration of experience and concept attainment critical to the preparation of future general or special education teachers and other professionals interested in working with special populations. Students will acquire background knowledge regarding special populations, including specific learning disabilities, mild/moderate intellectual disabilities, other health impairments, serious emotional disturbance, autism, deaf-blindness, and/or multiple disabilities. In today's society, students with disabilities are commonly integrated into general education and community settings including vocational transition and cross-cultural models.

Relationship of Special Education Minor to Teaching

The special education minor strengthens CSU, Chico's preparation of all educators and especially for those who will potentially work with people with disabilities in the private or public sector. Public and private schools nationwide, and particularly in California, face a critical shortage of special education teachers. Access to a minor in special education will encourage interested specialist candidates and allow CSU, Chico to remain a leader in the preparation of special educators and other professionals.

Objectives of the Special Education Minor

  • To facilitate undergraduate access of any major to fundamental knowledge and experience important to working with student with disabilities
  • To strengthen the preparation of undergraduates interested in working with students with disabilities
  • To develop an understanding of the theories and the legal premises upon which special education practices are based
  • To assist in developing the skills necessary for collaborative and interdisciplinary professional functioning

The Minor in Special Education is valuable to students who want to become

  • Public agency professionals
  • Classroom teachers in general & special educational settings
  • School administrators and other school personnel
  • Recreation directors and therapists
  • Medical professionals
  • Supervision and management professionals
  • Human resources professionals

This minor provides students of all majors with skills for

  • Understanding learning needs of individuals with exceptionalities
  • Collaborating and communicating across disciplines and job settings
  • Entering a teacher preparation program

Required Courses for the Special Education Minor

The Minor in Special Education requires 18-20 units of course work. The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this minor. Advising is recommended for this minor.

6 Courses Required: (18-20 Units)
EDTE 265

Exploration of Teaching and Learning in Diverse K-12 Settings - 3 Units OR EDTE 255 (3 units) AND SPED 569 (2 units)

EDTE 302Access & Equity in Education - 3 units
PSYC 355Survey of Child & Adolescent Psychology - 3 units OR PSYC 414  Psychology of Teaching - 3 units
SPED 343*Overview of Special Education - 3 units
SPED 561Curriculum & Instruction for Inclusive Settings - 3 units
SPED 580Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders - 3 units
* recommended to take first

Minor Advising Contact Information

Credential Advisor
Phone: 530-898-6455
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