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Hosted by the School of Education at California State University, Chico

Join us for a speaker series on fugivity, abolition, and racial justice!

Women of Color Students' Experiences with Campus Sexual Assault: An Intersectional Analysis

In her talk, Dr. Jessica Harris will explore the concept of intersectionality and how some education scholars and practitioners have mis/used the term in their work. To demonstrate the possibilities of intersectionality in education, Harris shares her current research that explores how intersecting systems of domination, specifically racism and sexism, influence Women of Color undergraduate student survivors' experiences with campus sexual assault. Harris' talk has implications for individuals who are interested in using intersectionality in their research and practice, for educators who aim to better prevent and respond to campus sexual assault, and for those working toward a more equitable campus environment. 

Dr. Jessica Harris is Assistant Professor of Higher Education in the School of Education & Information Studies at UCLA. Through her research, she interrogates how racism, sexism, and other intersecting systems of domination are embedded throughout postsecondary education and influence the experiences of People of Color and their communities on campus. Jessica's research currently focuses on critical approaches to campus sexual violence and the use of critical race theory and intersectionality in educational research and practice. Her research, teaching, and service are guided by commitments to radical social justice and educational equity. 

This talk is part of the antiracism speaker series hosted by the School of Education and is funded by a Student Learning Fee Award. For information contact Catherine Lemmi at

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