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Bilingual Multiple Subject Credential

Program Information

The Bilingual Authorization is designed to prepare competent bilingual teachers in the areas of language proficiency, multicultural issues in education, and second language instructional methodology that will enable them to teach all children effectively in the core academic areas. This two-semester, post-baccalaureate professional preparation program prepares candidates to teach in bilingual/cross-cultural classrooms and in a variety of educational settings with students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Candidates also have the option of applying nine qualifying units towards an MA in Education

Multiple subject (grades K–6) and single subject (grades 7–12) candidates come from a variety of academic majors, providing a range of experience and perspectives for all program participants. Prior to completion of the credential program, candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the target language.

Candidates participate in bilingual/multicultural classrooms and in classrooms promoting academic language development and conceptual understanding for linguistically diverse students. Opportunities for both observation and instruction prepare candidates for the realities of effective service delivery for English Learners.

Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies

The School of Education includes a Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies which fosters learning communities dedicated to excellence and equity in education through scholarship and research to develop and deliver exemplary, comprehensive programs that recruit, prepare, and sustain educators' skills in addressing the needs of a diverse set of learners.

The Center shares a commitment to quality teaching, particularly for California's growing diverse student population.


For pre-program advising please visit this link.

Multiple or Single Subject Credential with Bilingual Authorization Pathway Coordinator

Elizabeth Stevens
Tehama 215

Application Deadlines

Application Window: December - March 1st (Fall Term Start)

  • Bilingual
  • Concurrent
  • Education Specialist
  • Multiple Subject
  • Single Subject
  • Education Specialist Add-On

Application Window: July - October 1st (Spring Term Start)

  • Education Specialist
  • Multiple Subject
  • Single Subject
    • Art, Music, and World Languages (Spanish) are Fall Start only
  • Education Specialist Add-On