University Housing

Center for Agricultural Leadership (CAL): Theme Housing

two girls sitting on hay stacks feeding baby goat


To provide a supportive environment for freshmen agriculture students and:

  • to develop their leadership abilities.
  • to foster academic success.
  • to establish a strong identity with the College of Agriculture and with the agricultural industry.
  • to enhance opportunities for these students to develop strong relationships with those who share similar career objectives.

It is hoped that these students will become:  mentors, role models, leaders, agricultural ambassadors, and program builders for the College and industry.


  • 24 students will reside at CAL—23 incoming freshmen plus one (RA);
  • The students will be organized in cluster groups of like gender;
  • One-year commitment is expected from all participants;
  • Each member must participate in all CAL activities;
  • There will advising support from the College of Agriculture peer mentors.

Selection of Students

Applicants who are interested in being considered must utilize the UH on-line application process. Eligibility for a campus room assignment is contingent upon the student submitting a completed Housing Application, University Intent to Enroll and meeting all other UH application requirements.  Once an application is complete a list of will be sent to College of Ag for selection. 

Selection Criteria - CAL participants will be selected based on:

  • Grade point average
  • SAT/ACT test scores
  • EOP status
  • Socioeconomic background

Due to Covid-19 and subsequent occupancy limitations, TLC programs will remain in abeyance for 2020-2021.  These communities will be available to students who share similar interests but formal programming and learning outcomes will not be established until Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.  

Department contact
Phone: 530-898-4262

Apply for Themed Housing

If you want to be a part of our optional themed housing, follow these directions to give yourself the best chance of being placed in one of our amazing communities

  • Start your University Housing Application and proceed through all of our profile questions.
  • Upon completing your License Agreement you will be directed to a page inquiring about your interest in Themed Communities
  • Please ensure that you choose “Yes” from the drop down menu. This will direct you to our Themed Community Questions.
  • Upon reaching our Themed Community Questions page, please fill out the required questions and denote which community is the one you wish to join.
  • Upon completing your questions you will be moved to the next page titled Room Preferences. This is where you have the option of choosing your community and room type preference.
  • If you are wanting to live in a themed community, you must select the appropriate community that aligns with the theme.
    • Example: If you wish to live in the Wild About Business themed community, you must select Whitney Hall as your hall preference.
  • Proceed and fill out the rest of our application, pay our initial housing fee, and submit your application.