Faculty Affairs and Success

About Faculty Affairs

Portrait of Mahalley Allen
Mahalley Allen
Portrait of Scott Lynch
Scott Lynch
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Robin Yant
Portrait of Michael Gonsalves
Michael Gonsalves
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Toni Darden
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Bethany Prince
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Laura Werth
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Zach Justus
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Sharon Ruggirello

College Assignments

  • Michael Gonsalves: AGR, CME, ECC, HFA, UED, ATHL, WCCC, LIBR, IEGE, SEN
  • Robin Yant: BSS, BUS, NSC, FDEV, Student Academic Employees, Special Consultant Agreements

Our Mission Statement

Faculty Affairs and Success is dedicated to facilitating the career success and academic advancement of the faculty of California State University, Chico, and promoting an environment where we recruit and retain a diverse faculty of talented educators, researchers and those committed to the service of others.

We are committed to conducting these processes in a personal, collaborative and respectful manner that promotes dynamic, creative participation.

Our Goals

  • Provide oversight and serve as a campus resource for the recruitment, appointment, advancement, leaves and retention of an engaged and diverse faculty, including managing H-1B visa immigration for internal faculty.

  • Provide oversight and serve as the campus resource for Teaching Associate, Graduate Assistant and Instructional Student Assistant (unit 11) appointments. 

  • Support the career development and professional fulfillment of faculty and provide support for skills and tools to assist them in enhancing high quality learning outcomes for our students.

  • Investigate and make recommendations regarding faculty (unit 3) and academic student employees (unit 11) labor matters, including complaints, grievances, and the interpretation of the collective bargaining agreements, and campus and CSU policies and procedures.

  • Engage, cultivate and retain a diverse faculty community.

  • Support and facilitate professional growth and achievement.

  • Ensure that evaluation processes are efficient, effective and thorough.