Faculty Affairs and Success

State-Support Summer Session Appointments

Chico State is transitioning summer session courses from self-support to state-support effective Summer 2024. This page is intended to assist departments/units offering summer session courses and the faculty who are interested in teaching summer session courses.

State-Support Summer Session Order of Assignment

CBA Article 21.24 establishes the offer order for state-support summer session teaching appointments. Departments/Units shall assign work in the following order to qualified faculty:

  1. To probationary and tenured faculty. Of all faculty appointed in the Summer term, the percentage by headcount who are probationary and tenured faculty at Chico State who are offered an appointment must be no less than 55%. Departments should send a general offer to all qualified tenured/tenure-track faculty asking for interest in teaching summer courses. If there is interest, departments should assign courses to interested tenured/tenure-track faculty.
  2. After exhausting the offer process for tenured/tenure-track faculty, offer work to volunteers, administrators, TAs, or other students.
  3. Next, offer work to lecturers, first to qualified lecturers with three-year appointment rights or one-year appointment rights if their time base entitlement under Article 12 was not fully satisfied during the immediately preceding academic year. Assignments offered shall be up to the maximum time base entitlement under provision 12.5.
  4. Next, offer teaching assignments to qualified lecturers who taught in the immediately preceding academic year who are not included in the group of lecturers in #3 above.
  5. Finally, offer teaching assignments to any other candidates.

The 55% tenured/tenure-track faculty headcount of tenured/tenure-track faculty is dependent upon a sufficient number of tenured/tenure-track faculty accepting the voluntary summer work assignments. Faculty Affairs and Success will track the campus percentage as appointments are submitted to ensure that the CBA-required 55% minimum is met. Please reach out to FacultyAffairs@csuchico.edu if you have questions.

Faculty Compensation and Appointment Details

Faculty compensation will remain the same for state-support summer session appointments. The 1/30th rate, followed by enrollment-based compensation, applies to both self-support and state-support summer session appointments. See CBA Articles 21.15, 21.16, and 21.21.

The 1/30th rate is calculated according to the following formula:
(Full-Time Equivalent Annual AY Salary Rate  / 30 ) * Summer WTUs = total compensation (ex. [$64,860 / 30] * 3 WTU = $6,486 total compensation or $2,162 per unit).

The $150/unit indirect instruction payment also applies to Unit 3 tenured and probationary faculty in both self-support and state-support summer session appointments. Probationary and tenured faculty who do not receive a specific indirect instructional assignment with compensation in the summer session term shall receive an indirect instructional payment in the amount of $150 per each unit of direct instructional work assigned. Lecturers who do not receive a specific indirect instructional assignment with compensation in the summer session term shall not receive any compensation for indirect instructional work. See CBA Article 21.22.

Summer session term employment is a conditional temporary appointment for a specified time and may be cancelled based on budget and/or enrollment. If a class has fewer than 20 enrolled students at the 2nd class meeting, the instructor may withdraw from the appointment at that time. If a class is cancelled or the instructor withdraws due to low enrollment, the faculty are paid on a pro-rata basis for each day of class taught prior to cancellation. If instructors continue to teach low enrolled classes, they are paid via enrollment-based compensation. In no case, however, may the reduced rate fall below 65% of the full salary.

Workload and Lecturer Faculty Entitlements

Work done in summer session is for extra pay and does not reduce a faculty member's obligations during the academic year. Under CBA 21.27, additional employment and overload limits (125%) for AY faculty are calculated independently during summer periods. 12-month faculty may need to take vacation days or lower the time base of their 12-month appointments in summer if wanting to teach summer session classes.

In certain cases, state-side summer appointments can impact the entitlements of lecturers. In order to earn a one-year entitlement in the next academic year, lecturers must work two consecutive terms in the prior academic year and only the first two consecutive terms count in establishing entitlement. Fall is first term of the year. See CBA Appendix F (Eligibility Criteria for One-Year (Provision 12.3) and Three-Year (Provision 12.12) Appointments).

Other Considerations

  • FERP faculty cannot teach for additional pay during state-support summer session.
  • Faculty teaching in state-support summer session must comply with the CSU Out-of-State Employment Policy. All work must be performed in the state of California.
  • Self-support and state-support summer teaching appointments are both excluded from additional health benefits and CalPERS retirement coverage (except for the Summer Health Benefits Stipend for eligible lecturers in CBA 21.28).
  • State-support summer session classes taught by lecturers will be credited toward their SSI eligibility.