Faculty Affairs and Success

Department Standards

Department/Unit Standards:  Department guidelines, policies, and procedures that contain the department’s faculty unit employee evaluation criteria and procedures. Department Unit/Standards serve as a guide to candidates and evaluators during the RTP cycle.

Department/Unit Standards are reviewed periodically by the department/unit. All changes must be approved by the Provost, before being utilized for RTP purposes. Please submit department standards that have been approved by the department and college to mdallen@csuchico.edu and ryant@csuchico.edu in Word format. When approved by the Provost, Faculty Affairs and Success will then add the approved date footnote to the Department Standard and route the Department Standards Approval Sheet (with the final Department Standard attached) in Adobe Sign. Once the Approval Sheet has been signed, Department/Unit Standard documents are posted below. 

Process for submitting revised Department Standards:

  1. Department or program votes; if approved, Department Chair/Director submits to College Dean for review.
  2. College Dean reviews, consults with Department Chair/Director regarding questions/ issues, then forwards the Dean-reviewed Word document to Faculty Affairs and Success via email for review.
  3. Faculty Affairs and Success reviews for compliance with CBA/FPPP, consults with the Dean and Department Chair/Director as needed, then forwards Department/Program Standards to Provost for review and approval;
  4. Provost reviews and approves, recommending changes if necessary, then returns the document to Faculty Affairs and Success.
  5. If not approved, Faculty Affairs and Success forwards requested changes for revision and re-submission to Dean and Department Chair/Director.
  6. If approved, Faculty Affairs and Success adds the Provost Approved Date footer to the document and:
    1. Routes this approval sheet with approved Department/Program Standards for signatures via Adobe Sign,
    2. Uploads the document to the Faculty Affairs and Success Department Standards website, and
    3. Informs Dean and Department Chair/Director of approval with a link to the Faculty Affairs and Success website location.

College Of Agriculture

College of Agriculture Department Standards (PDF)

College Of Behavioral & Social Sciences

College Of Business

College Of Communication & Education

College Of Engineering, Computer Science, And Construction Management

College Of Humanities & Fine Arts

College Of Natural Sciences


Meriam Library Department Standards  (PDF)

Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education Department Standards (PDF)