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Faculty Market Salary Increase

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I. Purpose and Scope

The CFA/CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) provides the following:
CBA 31.25

The President may grant a salary increase to a probationary or tenured faculty unit employee to address market considerations. Such increases shall not be bound by the eight (8) service increases referenced in provision 31.18. Applications for market adjustments shall be submitted by the faculty member to the department chair, with a copy to the President or designee, on forms provided by the President or designee.

Applications for market-based increases shall normally be accompanied by documentation supporting the market-based salary lag or a bona-fide offer of employment from another college or University. Applications shall be reviewed separately by a department committee of tenured faculty and the department chair, with the department chair forwarding both recommendations to the President or designee. The decision to grant an exceptional market adjustment and the amount of the increase to be granted shall not be subject to grievance procedure.

II. Procedure

  1. CSU, Chico probationary/tenure track or tenured faculty who wish to request a market salary increase may do so by completing a Faculty Application for Market Salary Increase form available on the Faculty Affairs and Success website click here. The form should be accompanied by three or fewer typed pages of supporting documentation justifying the request.

  2. The completed Faculty Application for Market Salary Increase form, accompanied by supporting documentation, must be submitted to the Department Chair.

  3. The Department Chair shall provide a copy of the application and supporting materials to a departmental committee of tenured faculty, which could be the Department Personnel Committee, for review and recommendation.

  4. The Chair of the Department Committee shall indicate the committee’s recommendation (Yes or No) on the form and sign the form. He/she shall then provide the signed form and the committee’s written justification to the Department Chair.

  5. The Department Chair shall review the application, the committee’s recommendation and make his/her own recommendation (Yes or No) on the form and sign the form. He/she shall then provide the signed form, the committee’s written justification, and his/her own written justification to the Dean.

  6. The Dean shall review the entire packet and make his/her own recommendation (Yes or No) indicating the amount of annual increase recommended, % of increase, and new annual salary. The Dean signs the form and attaches his/her justification. He/she will then submit the entire packet to Faculty Affairs and Success for review. Faculty Affairs and Success will then forward the entire packet to the Provost as the President’s Designee.

  7. The Provost shall review the entire packet and make a judgment to approve or deny the request. Where approval is granted, the Provost shall indicate the amount of annual increase approved, % of increase, new annual salary and effective date of increase. A completed and signed copy of the form shall be forwarded by the Provost’s Office to the Applicant, Department Chair, Dean, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Success, and Payroll. A copy of the entire packet shall be placed in the Applicant’s Personnel File housed in the College Office.