Faculty Affairs and Success

Faculty Personnel Policies & Procedures (FPPP)

The Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures (FPPP) defines processes for the effective and fair hiring, development, evaluation, retention, and promotion of a high-quality faculty. These policies and procedures are designed to preserve their cooperation, departmental expertise, and subject matter competency, which are the strengths of our institution.

The FPPP is intended to be used in conjunction with the Faculty Collective Bargaining agreement (CBA), which is the formal contract between the faculty and the CSU administration. If there should be any conflict between the provisions of FPPP and the CBA, the CBA shall apply. State and federal law are higher-level regulations than both of these and shall apply in these cases. CSU Executive Orders deal with matters in the scope of the CSU administration and should augment the CBA. The FPPP should be considered on par with campus Executive Memoranda (EMs).

The FPPP represents CSU, Chico’s local interpretation of the CBA which allows individual campuses to govern many local practices in implementing the CBA. The FPPP is composed by the CSU, Chico Academic Senate in consultation with the President of the University. The FPPP takes precedence over Department standards and policies. The FPPP is updated annually and the updated FPPP and a summary of changes made over the last academic year are published by Faculty Affairs and Success.

Current Year FPPP

Current 2023-2024 FPPP (PDF)
2023-2024 FPPP Summary of Changes  (PDF)

Prior Year FPPP's