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Faculty Absence Reporting

Faculty are responsible for reporting their absences from work. The faculty CBA, Article 24, states “A faculty unit employee shall be responsible for promptly completing and signing the campus absence form and returning the absence form to the appropriate administrator.”  Faculty with Academic Year (AY) appointments should electronically complete an absence form (PDF) while faculty with 12-month appointments should enter absences through the electronic Absence Management Self Service (AMSS).


  • AY Faculty Process Overview
    1. Electronically complete an Absence Report (PDF)
    2. Send the unsigned form to the Department Administrative Support Coordinator (ASC).
    3. The Department ASC will route the form for signatures via Adobe Sign.
    4. Payroll processes the reported absences.
  • Instructions for AY Faculty and Department Staff
    1. Employee electronically completes an Absence Report and Time Worked (STD 634) (PDF) form following the Leaves and Absence Reporting Information by the 2nd working day following the close of a pay period. Information about pay periods can be found on the HR Calendars, Deadlines and Schedules page. Sick leave, Personal Holiday, Unpaid Leave Granted (Dock) for withholding work during a strike, and jury duty should be reported on this form.  Faculty are exempt, so absences must be reported in full-day increments.  Daily hours are calculated by multiplying the faculty’s timebase by 8 hours (i.e. .20 FTE x 8 = 1.6 hours per day or 1.0 FTE x 8 = 8 hours per day).
    2. Employee sends the unsigned, completed form to the Department ASC for signature routing via Adobe Sign.
    3. The Department ASC routes the form via Adobe Sign to the faculty member and department chair (or for a Dean's signature if faculty strike pay dock days are reported), copying the payroll technician for the college. Departments should utilize the Faculty Absence Reporting workflow and template overlay and copy the appropriate payroll technician. 
    4. Payroll processes the reported absences.
  • 12-mo. Faculty Process Overview
    1. The employee enters absences through their Portal Account. See the "Access via the portal" section of the Employee AMSS page for more information.
    2. The timekeeper (optional) reviews absences through Manager Self-Service in PeopleSoft-HR.
    3. The Manager/Lead approves absences through their Portal Account.
    4. Payroll finalizes absences.
  • Instructions for 12-mo. Faculty

Absence Categories

  • Sick Leave

    Sick leave for faculty is charged for each academic workday of absence due to illness, whether or not the faculty member was required to meet a class obligation, was scheduled to have office hours, or had arranged to have class time covered by another faculty member. Full time equals eight (8) hours, or if less than full time, pro rata, based upon time base.

  • Personal Holiday

    Per CBA 33.3 (PDF), faculty members are entitled to a Personal Holiday, which may be taken on one (1) day during the calendar year. If the faculty unit employee fails to take the Personal Holiday before the end of the calendar year, the holiday shall be forfeited. The scheduling of a personal holiday can be for any reason (e.g., spending time with family, a vacation day, errands) and is scheduled by mutual agreement of the faculty member and the “appropriate administrator.” Faculty need to be in contact with their college dean (or other “appropriate administrator” if they are counselor or coach faculty) to schedule their personal holiday. 

  • 12-month Faculty Vacation Requirement

    Faculty appointed to 12-month appointments accrue vacation. Per CBA Article 34.7 (PDF): “After one (1) full year of employment, a faculty unit employee shall take at least forty (40) hours of vacation each calendar year. Any part of the forty (40) hours not taken during the calendar year shall be forfeited as of January 1 of the subsequent year.” Maximum vacation accruals are 320 working hours if you have ten or less years of service or 440 working hours for more than ten years of service. Per CBA Article 34.10, requests for scheduling vacation should be submitted in writing to the appropriate administrator at least 30 days in advance and reported through the Absence Management Self-Service (AMSS) system. If you have one full year of employment, please be sure to take the forty hours of vacation this calendar year to avoid forfeiting earned vacation.

  • Withholding Work/Pay Docks

    Academic year faculty should report days when withholding work under the “Unpaid Leave Granted (Dock)” section of the Absence Report (PDF) following the Absence Reporting information. Absence reports are normally approved by Department Chairs, but if they include days when work was withheld resulting in pay docks, the Dean’s signature is required.  Faculty are exempt, so absences must be reported in full-day increments. Daily hours are calculated by multiplying the faculty’s timebase by 8 hours (i.e. .20 FTE x 8 = 1.6 hours per day or 1.0 FTE x 8 = 8 hours per day). Faculty with 12-month appointments should report hours (automatically calculated) as “Unpaid Leave Granted (Dock)” in the Absence Management Self-Service System (AMSS).

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