Faculty Affairs and Success

Procedure for Recommending a Tenure-Track Hire for a Campus Lecturer Under CBA 12.22.c

The 2022-2024 CBA Article 12.22.c states:

A departmental peer review committee may review and recommend a probationary faculty unit appointment for a temporary unit employee who has received an offer of tenure track employment. Such a recommendation may only occur in a department where there is no current tenure-line recruitment for which the faculty member is qualified.

Such recommendation[s] shall be directed to the President or their designee for review, consideration, and response. The decision of the President or designee shall not be subject to Article 10 (Grievance Procedures) of this Collective Bargaining Agreement.

In cases where a Chico State lecturer receives an offer of tenure-track employment elsewhere, the procedure below will be followed.

Process for Lecturer Request

The lecturer provides the dean and department chair with the following:

  1. A copy of the offer of tenure-track employment, either in paper or electronic format, which must be a valid, active offer.

  2. A written request to be considered for a probationary faculty unit appointment.

  3. The deadline by which a response is requested from Chico State.

  4. Supporting documentation that could be reasonably reviewed by the department and dean within the deadline. Such documentation may include:
    • Current CV
    • Teaching and research statements
    • Previous evaluations
    • Other evidence to support that the candidate meets other criteria that would be included in a tenure-track position announcement, such as a terminal degree in a required field, an active research agenda, demonstrated EDI awareness and intentional efforts to close equity gaps, satisfactory or better teaching evaluations, and demonstrated commitment to student success.

Process for Consideration

  1. The dean confirms:
    1. There is no current tenure-track recruitment in the department that the lecturer is qualified for.
    2. There is sufficient work to support a tenure-track position in the lecturer’s field in the department (consult with department chair).
    3. There is sufficient budget to support a tenure-track position in the department.
    4. The offer represents a comparable position to Chico State.

  2. If the dean determines that there is not sufficient work and/or budget to support the position, they inform the department chair and respond to the lecturer’s request in writing.

  3. If the dean determines there is sufficient work and budget to support the position, the dean presents a request to the provost, copying Faculty Affairs and Success, that includes:
    1. Justification to offer the lecturer a tenure track position.
    2. Budget analysis.
    3. Tenure density analysis for the college’s departments.

  4. If the provost approves the dean’s request, the dean shares the lecturer’s request and external offer with the department chair and requests a departmental review and recommendation. While the lecturer may present a deadline by which they need Chico State’s response, the department chair and dean will determine an appropriate and reasonable timeline for the recommendation process. It may not be possible to meet the lecturer’s requested deadline.

  5. Departments and/or colleges may create their own processes as long as these steps are included:
    1. Departments must elect a peer review committee of at least three tenured department members to make a recommendation to the dean. Departments may request permission from the dean for tenure-track faculty to serve on this committee. If the department does not have three tenured or tenure-track department members, the dean may approve tenured faculty from other departments in the college to serve on the peer review committee.
    2. All members of the peer review committee must review the lecturer's PAF in addition to the lecturer’s submitted supporting documentation.
    3. Departments must conduct some sort of on-campus interview process that includes the lecturer meeting with the dean and the department chair.
    4. The peer review committee must conduct reference checks of at least three references identified by the lecturer.
    5. Department peer review committees must deliberate the matter as they would a typical tenure track recruitment.
    6. Department peer review committees make a recommendation to the dean regarding the offer.
    7. Department chairs make a separate, additional recommendation to the dean regarding the offer.

  6. If the dean’s determination is to offer the lecturer a tenure-track position, the dean will consult with the provost and Faculty Affairs and Success regarding offer parameters before responding to the lecturer with a verbal or written conditional offer.

  7. If the conditional offer is accepted, Faculty Affairs and Success will create a hidden recruitment in CHRS Recruiting. The department will create a position description for the recruitment, and the offer and background check process will proceed through CHRS Recruiting.